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  1. crazy coincidences
    Tom Brady Swears Massage Parlor Cameo In Netflix Show Not a Robert Kraft JokeA stunned Paul Rudd spots the Patriots quarterback leaving a strip mall spa in the pilot of Netflix’s Living With Yourself.
  2. backstories
    How Hustlers Pulled Off the Meta Cameo of the YearHow the film’s producers (and Jennifer Lopez) convinced a music superstar to show up in Hustlers — and 200 extras to stay quiet while it happened.
  3. cameos
    Cate Blanchett Lent Her ‘Warm and Sensual Voice’ to Eyes Wide Shut“It was actually Tom and Nicole who came up with the idea of Cate.”
  4. cameos
    Maya Rudolph’s Booksmart Cameo Is a Tribute to Bridesmaids“It’s our favorite Easter egg in the movie,” said Olivia Wilde.
  5. cameos
    Chris Stapleton Stopped by the Battle of Winterfell to Play a White WalkerThe giant cowboy hat and six-string should have been a dead giveaway.
  6. my single is dropping
    Everyone on Earth Guested on Lil Dicky’s ‘Earth’Lions and baboons and Bieber, oh my!
  7. auteur theory
    Did You Catch Jordan Peele’s Us Cameo?A real Hitchcock move.
  8. cameos
    Turns Out Nev Schulman From Catfish Has the Oddest Little Bird Box CameoKind of hard to see with that blindfold on, but he’s in there.
  9. a crossover special
    Did You Catch That Riverdale Cameo in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina?Hey, we know you!
  10. a star is born
    Star Is Born’s Luenell Thinks Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga Should Be TogetherJust two women talking about how hot Bradley Cooper’s deep voice is.
  11. make it happen
    Peter Jackson Has Some Casting Requests for Kevin Smith and The Walking DeadLet’s make this happen.
  12. a star is born
    So, How Did Eddie Griffin End Up in A Star Is Born?The comedian explains his cameo’s surprising origin.
  13. a grammy for megan
    Megan Amram Wants to Win a Grammy After Her Good Place Cameo“I do think a Grammy is something that is very enticing to me. It’s no Emmy, but it’s still very exciting.”
  14. cameos
    Wait, How Did Jelani Cobb Wind Up in Luke Cage?The New Yorker writer reveals all.
  15. ocean's 8
    Why Ocean’s 8 Cut Cameos From Matt Damon and Carl Reiner“It really just comes to storytelling.”
  16. Let’s Talk About That Crazy Solo: A Star Wars Story CameoIt’s not as canonically implausible as you might think.
  17. Did You Catch These 3 Cameos in Deadpool 2?One of them lasts about a millisecond.
  18. 35 Famous People You Forgot Were in the Star Wars PrequelsIncluding Keira Knightley, Sofia Coppola, Joel Edgerton, and the creator of Star Wars himself.
  19. justice league
    Explaining That Justice League Post-Credits SceneYou may not have seen whom you thought you saw.
  20. cameos
    The NYC Parks Department Is Trolling Us With Drake’s Wheelchair Jimmy Meme NowJust hold on, we’re going to Fort Greene Park.
  21. vulture lists
    A Guide to All of Insecure’s Season-Two CameosHello, Sterling K. Brown!
  22. dunkirk
    Did You Catch Michael Caine’s Cameo in Dunkirk?Hint: Listen closely.
  23. unpopular opinions
    Game of Thrones Director Defends Ed Sheeran’s Cameo: ‘He’s a Lovely Actor’“If people didn’t know who Ed was, they wouldn’t have thought about it twice.”
  24. cameos
    Rihanna Is in Maybe 5 Minutes of Valerian and They Are All SpectacularIt’s a testament to Rihanna’s enormous presence that you really feel it’s her, even when she’s mo-capping a squishy blue alien.
  25. tv universes
    The One 30 Rock Cameo That Nearly Found Its Way Into Unbreakable Kimmy SchmidtIt’s the truth, dammit.
  26. cameos
    Did You Catch Transparent’s Amy Landecker in Doctor Strange?She isn’t even sure she’s there.
  27. Rami Malek Would Prefer We Forget About His TV Debut on Gilmore GirlsHe really had it out for Pastor Eric.
  28. cameos
    Zack Snyder Directed a Suicide Squad SceneIt was pretty brief.
  29. luke cage
    Faith Evans, Charles Bradley, Jidenna, and More to Perform on Luke CageJidenna and other artists will also contribute original songs to the Netflix show.
  30. cameos
    Kid Cudi Joins Empire Season 3 in Recurring RoleHe’ll play a rapper who’s a rival to Hakeem.
  31. boston bombing
    Ortiz to Reenact Boston Bombing Speech for MovieOf course.
  32. cameos
    Seth Meyers to Guest On The Mindy Project AgainTwo men who look exactly like Seth Meyers in the same universe? Mindy will love that!
  33. Chris Gethard on Diddy’s ‘TCGS’ Appearance: ‘It’s More Real Than You’re […]Last week’s taping of The Chris Gethard Show was originally supposed to feature special guest Pete Holmes, but as this first clip from the […]
  34. Watch Hillary Clinton’s Full Cameo from Last Night’s ‘Broad City’After a long wait, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton finally made her cameo on last night’s Broad City, and in case you missed […]
  35. Check Out a Sneak Peek of Hillary Clinton’s Cameo on ‘Broad City’At long last, Broad City airs a very special episode tomorrow night featuring a cameo from presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, and today […]
  36. cameos
    See Jacob Tremblay’s Cameo on Last Man on Earth“Shut your butt.”
  37. Conan O’Brien Is a Total Dreamboat in His Korean Soap Opera CameoWhile visiting South Korea this week for an upcoming episode of his TBS show, Conan O’Brien had the distinct honor of guest starring in the […]
  38. cameos
    Watch Conan O’Brien’s Cameo on a Korean DramaLots of soft lighting!
  39. Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson Talk Hillary Clinton’s ‘Broad City’ Cameo […]Ahead of Broad City’s season 3 premiere tomorrow night, Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson stopped by the Today show this morning to talk about […]
  40. Bernie Sanders Will Reportedly Appear on Tomorrow’s Episode of ‘SNL’With the news that Larry David is hosting SNL this weekend, it seemed all but inevitable that presidential candidate Bernie Sanders might show […]
  41. the force awakens
    Obi-Wan and Yoda Are in The Force AwakensBoth Ewan McGregor and Alec Guinness versions.
  42. Daniel Craig Has a Force Awakens Cameo That You’ll Probably MissNo, he’s not hiding inside BB-8.
  43. cameos
    Joel McHale and Danny Pudi Will Guest on Dr. KenThe study group is back together. Sort of.
  44. Hillary Clinton Will Appear in ‘Broad City’ Season 3Broad City returns to Comedy Central with a brand new season in February, and today the ladies revealed a big guest star who will show up […]
  45. marvel cinematic universe
    RDJ Hints He & Chris Evans Will Be in Spider-ManDowney says the duo will film in Atlanta again.
  46. Rick Moranis Turned Down an Offer to Appear in Paul Feig’s ‘Ghostbusters’Original Ghostbusters cast members Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Sigourney Weaver, Ernie Hudson, and Annie Potts all have cameos in store for Paul […]
  47. cameos
    4 iZombie–Veronica Mars Crossovers You Might Have MissedDick Casablancas, is that you?
  48. cameos
    Sigourney Weaver Will Be in the New Ghostbusters, TooRick Moranis, call your agent.
  49. Ernie Hudson and Annie Potts Will Appear in Paul Feig’s ‘Ghostbusters’Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters reboot starring Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon just added two more original cast […]
  50. the industry
    Ernie Hudson and Annie Potts Are Not Afraid of New GhostbustersThey’ve signed up for cameos in Paul Feig’s film.
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