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    Camille Cosby, Lawyers Want Bill’s Conviction DismissedThey believe the judge was feuding with a key witness.
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    Bill Cosby’s Wife Camille Has Reportedly Moved Out of Their HouseCosby was convicted of multiple counts of felony sexual assault in April.
  3. bill cosby trial
    Bill Cosby’s Wife Slams His Guilty Verdict As ‘Mob Justice’She says her husband was “labelled as guilty because the media and accusers said so.”
  4. cosby trial
    Bill Cosby’s Defense Shocks the Court by Resting Case in Less Than Five MinutesThe jury could begin deliberating as early as this afternoon.
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    Judge Rules Camille Cosby Must Testify Again in Defamation SuitBut she likely won’t have to answer most of the questions.
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    Camille Cosby Lost the Bid to Postpone Her Scheduled Deposition Again [Updated]Camille’s lawyer had filed an emergency motion to stop the deposition.
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    Bill Cosby’s Wife, Camille, Ordered to Testify in Civil Case Against HimShe’s been granted a delay in her deposition.