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  1. trends
    Why Are So Many Female-Led Projects Called ‘Camp’?It can turn the boldest works about the interior lives of complex women into a curiosity, a joke, a punch line.
  2. If the Girls in Bunk H Were Your Family Members, by Graham Techler • Emma would be like the mom who’s always making sure you’re wearing a sweater when you go out and wants you to tell her what your plans […]
  3. Queer Eye for the Cult Guy: Camp Classics Turned Cult ClassicsWhat makes a cult classic? A critically panned movie that garners a small but devoted following and rides that wave all the way to a revered […]
  4. pick up lines
    NBC Orders Hourlong Summer Camp Drama“In the tradition of Meatballs and Dazed and Confused” comes Camp.
  5. Listen To Childish Gambino’s ‘Bonfire’Listen to Childish Gambino’s “Bonfire” off of his upcoming album Camp, won’t you? It sort of makes my soul die to hear Glover rap lines like “I […]
  6. clickables
    Hear Childish Gambino’s Latest Single, ‘Bonfire’Donald Glover raps about ToeJam & Earl on the latest from his forthcoming ‘Camp.’
  7. music
    Donald Glover’s New Album Will Be Called CampExpect a few pop-culture references.
  8. camp
    Robert Downey Jr. to Return to His Theater-Camp RootsAnd maybe star in a musical about theater camp.
  9. camp
    Megan Fox: Hot Girl With HamburgerWe have seen the future and it looks like … outtakes from an ‘SI’ swimsuit shoot.