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  1. camp
    Meet the Very Buff Broadway Actors Who Carried Billy Porter Into the Met GalaAnd yes, they do have thirsty Instagrams.
  2. met gala 2019
    Of Course Cher Performed at the Camp-Themed Met GalaMore like Temple of Den-Cher!
  3. met gala 2019
    The Men of the 2019 Met Gala Set Up CampLet’s hear it for the (many-eyed, zebra-sprouting, head-toting) boys.
  4. met gala 2019
    Who Wore Their Own Face As Met Gala Accessory Better: Jared Leto or Ezra Miller?Carrying a replica of your own severed head? For spring? Groundbreaking.
  5. camp
    Lady Gaga Arrived to the Met Gala With 4 Outfits and Also a WagonA real commitment to camp.
  6. trends
    Why Are So Many Female-Led Projects Called ‘Camp’?It can turn the boldest works about the interior lives of complex women into a curiosity, a joke, a punch line.
  7. If the Girls in Bunk H Were Your Family Members, by Graham Techler • Emma would be like the mom who’s always making sure you’re wearing a sweater when you go out and wants you to tell her what your plans […]
  8. goodbyes
    America’s Next Top Model Was the Only Reality Show That Understood CampWe watched because it was poking fun at its own seriousness without even knowing it.
  9. reading is fundamental
    Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham: The Great Gay Love Story of Our TimeIt’s a tale as old as time.
  10. vulture lists
    15 Classic Summer-Camp Movies, Ranked From Worst to BestSuch an underappreciated genre.
  11. camp
    Sharknado Will Be a TrilogyThere’s a third one in the works.
  12. Queer Eye for the Cult Guy: Camp Classics Turned Cult ClassicsWhat makes a cult classic? A critically panned movie that garners a small but devoted following and rides that wave all the way to a revered […]
  13. trailer mix
    Watch a Promo for NBC’s Summer Show CampIt’s about a camp.
  14. pick up lines
    NBC Orders Hourlong Summer Camp Drama“In the tradition of Meatballs and Dazed and Confused” comes Camp.
  15. Pitchfork’s Readers Like Camp Way More Than Its Reviewers DidIn defiance of Pitchfork’s emphatically low 1.6 rating of Childish Gambino’s Camp, the site’s readers voted the album number 18 on their list […]
  16. Pitchfork Isn’t Exactly a Fan of the New Childish Gambino AlbumYikes. Pitchfork seriously gives it to comedy’s rapper Childish Gambino with this review of Camp, rating it a 1.6 and calling it “one of the […]
  17. The New Childish Gambino Video Will Creep You Out Halloween ain’t over till you watch the video for “Bonfire” by Childish Gambino (a.k.a. comedian and Community actor Donald Glover). The video […]
  18. Check Out The Tracklist For Childish Gambino’s Camp Childish Gambino’s Camp drops on November 15 and Rapdose has the tracklist, which gives you plenty of time to fantasize about which one will […]
  19. Listen To Childish Gambino’s ‘Bonfire’Listen to Childish Gambino’s “Bonfire” off of his upcoming album Camp, won’t you? It sort of makes my soul die to hear Glover rap lines like “I […]
  20. clickables
    Hear Childish Gambino’s Latest Single, ‘Bonfire’Donald Glover raps about ToeJam & Earl on the latest from his forthcoming ‘Camp.’
  21. Childish Gambino Signs With GlassnoteIn the latest phase of his quest to be more legitimate than everyone else in the world, Donald Glover has signed Childish Gambino with indie […]
  22. music
    Donald Glover’s New Album Will Be Called CampExpect a few pop-culture references.
  23. Donald Glover’s New Album: CampCommunity’s Donald Glover announced the name and released the cover art for his new album today: Camp. That up there is the cover. Set to be […]
  24. camp
    Robert Downey Jr. to Return to His Theater-Camp RootsAnd maybe star in a musical about theater camp.
  25. camp
    Megan Fox: Hot Girl With HamburgerWe have seen the future and it looks like … outtakes from an ‘SI’ swimsuit shoot.