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Can A Song Save Your Life

  1. trailer mix
    Watch the Begin Again Trailer(The Movie Formerly Known as Can a Song Save Your Life?)
  2. toronto film festival 2013
    Toronto Film Festival Wrap-up: The Best, the Worst, and the RestFeaturing Gravity, 12 Years a Slave, and Dallas Buyers Club.
  3. toronto film festival 2013
    The Line Harvey Weinstein Used to Win Toronto’s Biggest MovieTo get Can a Song Save Your Life? Harvey pulled out his secret weapon: film history.
  4. casting
    Cee Lo Joins Adam Levine in Can a Song Save Your LifeWhat, no Blake Shelton?
  5. casting couch
    Catherine Keener to Play Ruffalo’s Ex in SongSing to us, Catherine Keener.
  6. casting
    Adam Levine to Dump Keira Knightley in SongHe’ll act opposite her in a new movie.
  7. Scarlett Johansson to Woo Mark Ruffalo With SongIt’s the next movie from the director of Once.
  8. Judd Apatow Producing a Movie by Once Director John Carney Starring […]Here’s a weird combo of people working on a project together: John Carney, the director of the indie musical Once, is working on a new project […]