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  1. The Kids in the Hall Are Reuniting for a Run of Live Shows in CanadaLegendary sketch group The Kids in the Hall are getting back together for their first live shows in five years. The group’s five members, Dave […]
  2. T.J. Miller Got Super Weird on Canadian Morning TV T.J. Miller went on breakfast TV in Edmonton, Canada this morning with some crazy hair and a too-small jacket to promote his local gigs. In […]
  3. Splitsider’s Guide to Vancouver’s Comedy SceneLive comedy, for many, is an art form that is still confined to two major centers: New York and Los Angeles. Other cities — Chicago, […]
  4. Just For Laughs Chooses Its 2013 New FacesEvery year, Montreal’s Just For Laughs festival picks a bunch of up-and-coming comedians to take part in their “New Faces” showcases, which […]
  5. ‘The Daily Show’s Jason Jones Teaches Canadian Bankers About the Free […] Here’s a report Jason Jones filed for The Daily Show last night in which he tries but fails to teach a good-hearted Canadian banker the […]
  6. The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show: Canadian R/C Airplane Champion Isabel […]Isabel Deslauriers wasn’t just the first woman to win the Candian Remote Control Airplane Championship, she was the only female competing. This […]
  7. celebrity heroes
    John Malkovich Is the New Ryan GoslingHe took care of a bleeding tourist on a Toronto street.
  8. Sarah Silverman, Seth Meyers Headline This Year’s Just For Laughs FestivalMontreal-based comedy festival Just For Laughs announced the lineup for its 2013 gathering yesterday, which will mark the event’s 30th […]
  9. Splitsider’s Guide to Toronto’s Comedy SceneDespite a sketch comedy history that rivals almost any city (SCTV, Kids in the Hall), and being the breeding grounds for a number of amazing […]
  10. ‘The Daily Show’s Jason Jones Takes on ‘The Pablo Escobar of Maple Syrup’ The Daily Show sent correspondent Jason Jones back to his home country of Canada to dive deep into the nation’s sordid maple syrup ring. […]
  11. oh canada!
    Ex-Canadian Ambassador Thinks Argo Doesn’t Give Canadians Enough CreditPoor Canada.
  12. overalls
    Canada’s Prime Minister Met Justin Bieber and Justin Bieber’s Overalls“I met the Prime Minister in overalls lol.”
  13. The Fourth Season of ‘Community’ Is Coming to Canadian TV November 9th […]Still on hiatus at NBC, it looks like Community will be coming back on the air in Canada before we get new episodes in the States. Canadian TV […]
  14. public service announcements
    Watch a Walking Dead–Inspired CPR CommercialCourtesy of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada.
  15. big brother
    See an Audition Tape for Big Brother CanadaSee? Even Canada has fratty douche bags.
  16. love
    Chad Kroeger Isn’t Bothered by Your Chavril JokesAlso, they started dating on Canada Day.
  17. canada
    Your 2012 Polaris Prize Short List: Drake, Feist, Japandroids …Grimes, Handsome Furs, and more.
  18. music
    Carly Rae Jepsen Snubbed by the Polaris Music PrizeHow could you, Canada?
  19. Diving Deep Into Canadian Comedy in ‘Comedy Gold’It’s no secret that sometimes comedy is taken a bit too seriously. Comedy obsessives love not just the jokes, but the mechanics and emotions of […]
  20. Talking to Seann William Scott and Jay Baruchel About their Violent New […]The title of this piece should really be “Watching Other People Talk to Seann William Scott and Jay Baruchel.” Let me explain. Last month, I […]
  21. Wayne & Shuster: Canadian Comedy Cornball SupergodsIt’s a lazy, trite comedy trope to make fun of Canada, at worst presenting it as an icy, bland, over-polite backwater, and at best, presenting […]
  22. ryan gosling
    See Ryan Gosling Play (What Else?) a Hockey Player on a Goofy Canadian SitcomBefore he was almost the Sexiest Man Alive, Ryan Gosling had a blond mushroom cut.
  23. clickables
    Let Ryan Gosling, Canadian, Teach You About CanadaHint: It involves flannel underpants and Justin Bieber.
  24. 9021oh my god
    Watch Jason Priestley Drinking, Cursing, and Sexually Assaulting People on His New ComedyBrandon! Noooooo!
  25. clickables
    Watch Drake and Justin Bieber Skype, Sing ‘I Will Remember You’Bonus: Drake teaches old people about rap.
  26. shopping
    Douglas Coupland, Fashion DesignerThe novelist teams up with Roots.
  27. sitcoms
    Canadians Are Cool With How I Met Your Mother’s Relentless Canadian JokesThey even attribute the show’s success to them.
  28. chat room
    Guy Maddin on Directing a ‘Docu-fantasia’ About His HometownPlus: All about the frozen dead cow who became a hockey goal.
  29. the take
    Great Moments in Movie Titles, Toronto Film Fest Edition: ‘Young People Fucking’Toronto newspapers struggle with an excitingly titled new romantic comedy.
  30. apropos of nothing
    Are Canadians Just Way Smarter Than Us?Two obscure academic texts beat out Harry Potter on Canadian Amazon.