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Candy Crush Saga

  1. summer preview 2017
    Physical Fitness Is All Over TV This SummerWe love watching other people put their bodies to the test while we sit there, allowing ours to atrophy.
  2. reality tv
    A Candy Crush Reality Show Is in the WorksThe host will be announced at a later date.
  3. last night on late night
    Take a Look at Colbert’s Candy Crush MovieR.I.P., Mr. Toffee.
  4. technology
    Mark Zuckerberg Vows to Kill Candy Crush Invites If It’s the Last Thing He Does“If this is the top thing that people care about, we’ll prioritize that and do it.”
  5. honesty
    Candy Crush’s ‘Games Guru’ Is Only on Level 98“I’m struggling with that level immensely.”
  6. wishful thinking
    Five Ways to Make a Candy Crush MovieSomeone’s working on this somewhere.