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  1. cannes 2012
    Garrett Hedlund’s Postcoital Offer to Steve Buscemi Was Rejected“I felt ridiculous because after, I asked him if he wanted to have a cigarette.”
  2. party chat
    Michelle Rodriguez Has Strong Opinions About The Paperboy“One of my friends said, ‘Nicole Kidman’s going to get nominated for an Oscar.’ I was like, ‘Nah, man. She’s not black!’”
  3. slideshow
    Take a Photo Tour of How Cannes Really FeelsA writer who just returned from the fest shows and tells you what it’s really like.
  4. the vulture transcript
    Why Jason Schwartzman Ignored the Moonrise Kids“I had to ice them out, you know what I mean?”
  5. cannes 2012
    An A to Z Guide to Cannes’ Weirdest Film, Holy MotorsIncluding Eva Mendes singing a lullaby to a naked leprechaun.
  6. cannes 2012
    Lee Daniels Almost Cut the Peeing Scene From The PaperboyBut Nicole Kidman convinced him not to.
  7. cannes 2012
    Everyone Wanted a Massage From Harvey Weinstein at the amfAR Auction“I bet Harvey would give a great massage. I think he’s so sexy and smart and he’s very giving.”
  8. cannes 2012
    Michael Haneke’s Amour Wins Cannes’s Palme d’OrWinners were announced, yachts were sent home.
  9. cannes 2012
    How to Behave at Cannes’s Elite Yacht Parties (If You Get In)We weren’t invited. You probably won’t be invited. But if you are, guard your shoes carefully.
  10. cannes 2012
    Cannes: Robert Pattinson Talks Wasted Talent and the End of the World“Actors aren’t supposed to be intelligent.”
  11. cannes 2012
    Kanye Screens Cruel Summer for Cannes, Kim, and an Approving Jay-ZWe caught ‘Ye’s new 26-minute film. And then Jay-Z rubbed our back.
  12. cannes 2012
    When Nicole Kidman Gave Zac Efron a Golden Shower at CannesThis really happened, in the Lee Daniels film The Paperboy.
  13. party chat
    When Chris O’Dowd Dances at Cannes, Some People Get Upset“I was dancing a little bit, and he said, ‘Stop that! This is Cannes!’”
  14. cannes 2012
    At Cannes, Amour: The Sad Movie That Sticks With YouPeople are still talking about Michael Haneke’s new film.
  15. on the road
    Watch a Clip of Kristen Stewart in On the RoadLegs for days on that one!
  16. cannes 2012
    The Sexual Remaking of Kristen Stewart at CannesIn the nudity-filled On the Road.
  17. cannes 2012
    At Cannes, Reporters Press Brad Pitt on Marriage, Murder, and Will Smith“I don’t think we should have press conferences before 1 p.m. in Cannes. I’m going to start that movement.”
  18. chat room
    A Candid Tom Hardy at Cannes on Beards, Beer, Batman, and Brando“I don’t believe my own press release, do you know what I mean?”
  19. cannes 2012
    Sneak Peeks of Django, Master and MoreWhat did we see and how did it play? Read on.
  20. cannes 2012
    How Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson Do Cannes“I’m often the boyfriend of fashion, and here I’m the boyfriend of cinema.”
  21. cannes 2012
    Cannes: Harvey Weinstein’s New Hit, According to Harvey WeinsteinAlso: Chris O’Dowd singing!
  22. party chat
    Shailene Woodley and Jessica Chastain Are Cannes BFFs“My heart chakra opens up to a million degrees when I see her.”
  23. cannes 2012
    A Few Days Into Cannes, Which Films Have All the Buzz?Marion Cotillard and Shia LaBeouf star in some of the films everyone is discussing.
  24. cannes 2012
    The New Romeo and Juliet Hold Court at CannesIt’s the Shakespeare classic by way of Downton Abbey.
  25. party chat
    Ezra Miller Didn’t Mean to Corrupt the Moonrise Kingdom Kids at CannesHe can’t help but curse in front of the kids from Wes Anderson’s latest movie.
  26. cannes 2012
    Shia LaBeouf Gets Inside the Mind of a Critic at CannesA short film he directed had its premiere here.
  27. party chat
    Cannes: Jessica Chastain Still Hasn’t Taken That Vacation“I was planning on taking a week in Hawaii at some point. It’s gone.”
  28. cannes 2012
    Cannes: Let’s All Enjoy Guy Pearce’s Wackadoo Performance in LawlessWill someone give this man a good Batman villain to play?
  29. chat room
    Wes Anderson on Moonrise Kingdom at CannesBattleship? What’s Battleship?”
  30. cannes 2012
    A Trip Through the Weird and Wonderful Movie Posters at CannesFrom James Franco to Joey Fatone.
  31. cannes 2012
    Vulture Dances With Bill Murray at CannesThe Moonrise Kingdom party was flagging. Then the big man stepped in.
  32. cannes 2012
    Cannes: Katy Perry, Unexpected Scene StealerHow she ended up in one of the fest’s most prestigious dramas.
  33. casting
    Alec Baldwin to Star in Secret Cannes MockumentaryYou may remember when director James Toback teased the film to Vulture.
  34. cannes
    Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom Will Kick Off CannesIt’s his first time at the festival.