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Cannes 2016

  1. interviews
    This Is a Story Bill Paxton Told Me About Young LoveWhile discussing his movie Mean Dreams last summer, Bill Paxton recalled his own tale of youthful lovers thwarted.
  2. trailer mix
    Watch the New Trailer for Kristen Stewart’s Spooky Personal ShopperMode. Des fantômes.
  3. trailer mix
    Watch Shia LaBeouf in American Honey TrailersIt’s the vulnerable window into the youth of America.
  4. trailer mix
    Cannes Sensation The Handmaiden Has a TrailerIn theaters October 19!
  5. chat room
    Elle Fanning, Winding Refn on Neon Demon and Sex“We are the Sex Pistols of cinema. We are punk rock in all its glam in vulgarity.”
  6. cannes 2016
    Boos, Trolls, and Feuds: Final Thoughts on the Craziest Cannes in YearsWhat made this the least-civil festival in ages? Consider the evidence.
  7. chat room
    Tatiana Maslany’s Arctic Break From Orphan Black“When you live in Canada, you’re very aware of electric long underwear.”
  8. genre-tastic
    No Chicken Is Safe in the Insane Korean Occult Murder Mystery The WailingA combination of Contagion, Keystone Cops, and The Exorcism. There are also zombies — did we mention the zombies?
  9. cannes 2016
    Silicon Valley’s Gavin Belson Is Now an Internationally Renowned DirectorAnd he used to live in a tepee. They did not award him equity in Pied Piper.
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    The Film That Made Everyone Cry Wins At CannesUnderstanding a jury that gave second place to the Xavier Dolan film every critic loathed. Sacré bleu!
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    Lady Gaga’s Unlikely Cameo in Assange Doc“Do you ever just want to fucking cry, even when you’re happy?”
  12. cannes 2016
    Verhoeven’s Twisted, Fascinating Rape ThrillerA knockout performance from Isabelle Huppert.
  13. cannes 2016
    De Niro Is Making His Own Vaccines Documentary“The whole vaccine issue is a real one. It’s big money. So I’m glad it got attention.”
  14. Cannes: Sean Penn Movie Met With Boos, GigglesAt least for today, speculation over Penn and Theron’s relationship will take a back seat to the movie’s absolutely derisive reception.
  15. fighting words
    Cannes: Nicolas Winding Refn Lays the Smackdown on Lars Von TrierIt’s a veritable Danish-director insult fest.
  16. cannes 2016
    Cannes: 6 Reasons Why The Neon Demon Is the Craziest Movie of the SummerThe new film from Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn is a little bit bonkers.
  17. cannes 2016
    15 Wild Cannes Posters, Like Snake Outta ComptonFeaturing Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton, and killer donuts.
  18. cannes 2016
    Cannes: At Her Best, Kristen Stewart Is BooedShe’s terrific in the ghost story Personal Shopper, but the press screening inspired jeers.
  19. cannes 2016
    Cannes: Can Jeff Nichols’s Loving Win the Hearts of Oscar Voters?The drama about a landmark civil-rights case just premiered, and could figure into several races.
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    Cannes: Andy Serkis Says His Jungle Book Will Be Scary and ‘Quite Dark’In a way that’s different than Jon Favreau’s.
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    15 DGAF Things Carrie Fisher Said at Cannes“I thought there should be a scene of me wearing Leia’s hair buns, just walking by a window looking moody and reading Shakespeare’s sonnets.”
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    Cannes: Shia LaBeouf Finally Behaves HimselfAt a press conference for his new movie American Honey, he signaled that he has turned a page.
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    The Korean Gothic Lesbian Revenge Thriller That’s Captivated CannesIt’s from Oldboy director Park Chan-Wook, and, yes, as is his trademark, somebody loses a body part.
  24. cannes 2016
    Dominic West’s Big Regret From The WireIt involves someone whose name rhymes with Marack Schmobama.
  25. cannes 2016
    Cannes: Steven Spielberg On BFG, Mark Rylance We tried to find out if Spielberg might cast the Oscar winner in Indiana Jones 5.
  26. cannes 2016
    Mad Max Director George Miller Saw Trump Coming“When you look at the political system it seems very dysfunctional and very sad.”
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    Kristen Stewart Is Not Here to Please You“If I walked in with a man and they asked me to change shoes, I’d be like, ‘Does he have to wear heels?’”
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    Cannes: John Boyega Praises His New Star Wars Co-star Kelly Marie Tran“I freaking love her. She’s fantastic.”
  29. cannes 2016
    Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Love TCM So Very Much“That’s my husband’s dream job, to be Ben Mankiewicz or Robert Osborne.”
  30. cannes 2016
    Corey Stoll Was a Little Bashful About His Big Girls Sex Scene “I wish I was as comfortable with my body as Lena,” he said.
  31. Jessica Chastain’s Hunky Italian Boyfriend Has Given Her an Accent“Four years! Perché! Certo! Youuuu knoow.”
  32. cannes 2016
    Woody Allen on Ronan Farrow Controversy: ‘I Have Moved So Far Past That’“I never think about it.”
  33. moving to canada is for pussies
    Donald Sutherland Has Your New Go-to Canada JokeDo you really want to have to talk that much about your national identity?
  34. koans
    Paris Hilton Is Producing an ‘Unflinching, Authorized Documentary’ About Herself9.14 Pictures and XYZ Films announced the news at Cannes.
  35. cannes 2016
    Cannes 2016: The 15 Most Anticipated FilmsSteven Spielberg! Cannibal supermodels! Shia LaBeouf!
  36. cannes 2016
    Cannes Lineup: Spielberg, Gosling, K-Stew x TwoCheck out the full program.
  37. things that are shiny and chrome
    Witness: George Miller Will Preside Over This Year’s Cannes Festival JuryOh, what a fest! What a lovely fest!