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Cannes 2022

  1. trailer mix
    Freak Out! Over New Bowie Footage in Moonage DaydreamThe first estate-approved David Bowie film featuring his music is out September 16.
  2. cannes 2022
    Which Cannes Films Could Make a Splash With Oscar?Consensus hasn’t settled on the standout film, but this year’s Cannes still boasted a number of possible contenders.
  3. palme d’or
    Triangle of Sadness Takes Home Pepto and Palme d’Or at Cannes Film FestivalDirector Ruben Östlund’s second Golden Leaf award.
  4. cannes 2022
    The Best Movies at Cannes Broke Through the BleaknessThe film festival was full of doomed protagonists, graphic murders, and children driven to crime. But a handful of movies were hopeful, too.
  5. cannes 2022
    Cronenberg’s Cannes ComebackThe director’s stomach-turning new movie has him back in the festival’s good graces.
  6. cannes 2022
    In Elvis, There’s No Business Like Baz-nessWhy have only one montage when you can edit another montage inside that montage?
  7. protests
    Ukrainian Filmmakers at Cannes Protested Censorship of Russian ‘Genocide’The team behind Butterfly Vision played air-raid sirens during the demonstration.
  8. cannes 2022
    Both the Kids From Squid and the Whale Brought Coming-of-Age Tales to CannesSeventeen years after The Squid and the Whale, both of the children from that film have brought their directorial debuts to Cannes.
  9. cannes 2022
    Julia Roberts Says There’s No Way Her Movie With George Clooney Is Good“It’s probably going to be terrible.”
  10. crimes of the future
    At Cannes, Kristen Stewart Is Bracing for ‘Quite Certain Destruction’Her new movie, David Cronenberg’s Crimes of the Future, takes place in a world in ruins. As she puts it, “We’re not far off.”
  11. cannes 2022
    Park Chan-wook’s Latest Is Serving Hitchcock VibesDecision to Leave is a classical, restrained effort from the guy who gave us the squid scene in Oldboy.
  12. cannes 2022
    The ‘Eat the Rich’ Comedy Making Cannes Say ‘Blech!’In Triangle of Sadness, Ruben Östlund rubs audiences’ noses in shit. They love him for it.
  13. cannes 2022
    Irma Vep Is Not a Movie. Irma Vep Is a Concept.’Director Olivier Assayas and his new star Alicia Vikander discuss remaking his beloved movie as a TV series (or whatever you want to call it).
  14. cannes 2022
    George Miller Returns to Cannes With a Freaky, Maximalist Fairy TaleThree Thousand Years of Longing is a fairy tale within a fairy tale (about telling fairy tales) that feels like Miller’s answer to The Princess Bride.
  15. protests
    Cannes Film Festival Removed Activist Protesting Sexual Violence in UkraineThe naked protester interrupted the red-carpet premiere of George Miller’s Three Thousand Years of Longing.
  16. cannes 2022
    Chie Hayakawa’s Plan 75 Quietly Devastates CannesThe heart-wrenching dystopian film, about a government program for euthanizing senior citizens, marks the arrival of an exciting new writer-director.
  17. cannes 2022
    Jeremy Strong on Playing James Gray’s Dad in Armageddon Time“He’s a bit of a crooner and has a certain amount of brio. It’s a feast of a character.”
  18. cannes 2022
    So, Uh, Jessica Chastain Plays Donald Trump’s Sister in Armageddon TimeAlongside her friends Anne Hathaway and Jeremy Strong.
  19. rendezcruise
    Tom Cruise Is Being Boring at CannesThe once-infamous agent of chaos has overcorrected his press strategy as he promotes Top Gun: Maverick at the French festival.
  20. cannes 2022
    Cannes Returns, With Zombies in TowThis year’s festival opens with Final Cut, a zombie flick from The Artist’s Michel Hazanavicius. “I am prepared to be booed,” he says.
  21. cannes 2022
    What They Don’t Tell You About Booing in CannesA handy tip before you read the festival-reaction stories out of the Croisette in the coming weeks.
  22. cannes 2022
    Cannes 2022 Is Auteur Central (Even Without David Lynch)With new films by Claire Denis, Park Chan-wook, David Cronenberg, and George Miller among the lineup.
  23. politics
    A Breakdown of Cultural Institutions Boycotting Russian InvolvementSpotify plans to make a full exit from the Russian market by April.