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Captain America Civil War

  1. now streaming
    What’s New on Netflix: December 2016Captain America: Civil War hits Netflix on Christmas day.
  2. box office gold
    U.S. Box Office Hits $10 Billion Earlier Than Ever BeforeBoy, you guys really love Finding Dory, don’t you?
  3. roll clip!
    Watch What Thor Was Up to During Civil WarHis roommate, Darryl, seems pretty chill.
  4. roll clip!
    Captain America: Civil War Unleashes a Very Silly Blooper ReelBloop a loop a loop.
  5. captain america civil war
    Hayley Atwell Thinks Captain America’s Latest Love Interest Is a No-Go“You can’t tap that!”
  6. box office
    Captain America Makes $1 Billion WorldwideMarvel tops itself again with another billion-dollar blockbuster.
  7. easter eggs
    Civil War’s Arrested Development Easter EggIt’s in the airport scene.
  8. This Captain America Actor Looks Startlingly Like Young Luke SkywalkerThis is really freaky. 
  9. captain america civil war
    Why Civil War’s Ending Is Different Than Comics“We were trying to tell the story of a family falling apart. The tragic end of that story is that the family is divided”
  10. summer movie preview 2016
    Our Best Guess at This Summer’s 5 Highest-Grossing MoviesCaptain America: Civil War already opened to $179 million, more than all but seven movies managed in total last summer. What does the rest of the seasonal slate hold?
  11. Captain America 3: End of the End of the World?What makes Civil War so revelatory, at least within the superhero genre, is it’s absent an actual bad guy.
  12. captain america civil war
    Civil War Smartly Eschews Origin StoriesIf only more superhero movies followed its lead.
  13. captain america civil war
    If You Loved Vision in Captain America: Civil War, Read This ComicIt’s one of the best on the market today.
  14. relationships
    Hey Marvel, It’s Time for Vision and Wanda to KissAfter everything that went down in Captain America: Civil War, we deserve this weird pairing.
  15. captain america civil war
    What Captain America: Civil War Gets Right About Spider-ManThe web-slinger is one of the film’s highlights, both in and out of costume.
  16. captain america civil war
    Captain America’s Sebastian Stan Ponders BirdmanThe Winter Soldier actor considers his alter ego.
  17. jokes
    The Story Behind Captain America: Civil War’s Mark Fuhrman Joke“I think Sam Wilson would have a particular slant on Mark Fuhrman.”
  18. summer movie preview 2016
    Vulture’s Guide to the Summer Blockbusters You Really Want to SeeStarting with Captain America: Civil War, and ending when it gets cold again.
  19. box office
    Captain America Makes a Lot of American DollarsCivil War had the fifth-best opening of all-time; three of the top five are Marvel movies.
  20. captain america civil war
    My Captain America Takedown Was Wrong, and I’m SorryAn apology for a 2014 post — mea Cappa.
  21. captain america civil war
    On the Winter Soldier’s Unprecedented CreationIt’s one of the greatest transformations in superhero history.
  22. captain america civil war
    Captain America’s Black Panther, ExplainedA guide for the perplexed.
  23. styling
    Captain America’s Costumer on Hero Casual-Wear“When you put Chris Evans in a size-small T-shirt, it’s a good thing.”
  24. last night on late night
    Chris Evans and Jimmy Fallon Freeze Their JunkThis card game is kind of weird, right?
  25. review roundup
    Critics Are Calling Captain America: Civil War Marvel’s Best Movie Yet Third time’s the charm.
  26. ellen scares
    Ellen Scares Chris Evans and Elizabeth Olsen As is her wont.
  27. movie review
    Captain America: Civil War Is a Busy — But Uninventive — BlockbusterMarvel has resorted to making its colorful superheroes fight one another.
  28. box office
    Captain America Invades Europe for $200 MillionIt’s the 14th-best foreign opening ever.
  29. last night on late night
    The Civil War Cast Discusses RDJ’s BirthdayThe Civil War cast visits Jimmy Kimmel.
  30. last night on late night
    The Men of Civil War Answer Each Other’s TriviaDid you know Paul Rudd is legally considered a choking hazard?
  31. last night on late night
    Team Cap Bros Join Kimmel for a Quiz and a RoastAnd to show off their action figures.
  32. roll clip!
    Watch Cap Kick Ass in New Civil War ClipThanks, MTV!
  33. the industry
    Alfre Woodard Joins Captain America: Civil WarShe’ll play a “small but pivotal” role. 
  34. The Russo Bros and the Idea of Studio AuteurismJoe and Anthony Russo may be unlikely blockbuster impresarios, but they’re the future of Hollywood.
  35. shipping
    Civil War Director Says It’s a Love StoryBaby, just say yes.
  36. trailer mix
    See Captain America: Civil War Trailer 2More like an uncivil war!
  37. Civil War to Be Marvel’s Longest MovieWar is hella long.
  38. captain america civil war
    Martin Freeman’s Civil War Character RevealedAlso, we get a glimpse at Civil War’s new villain, Crossbones.
  39. captain america civil war
    Captain America: Civil War Could Have a Big Fat Green Surprise CameoAnthony Mackie spilled the beans in a new interview.
  40. roll clip!
    Here’s a Very Stressful Civil War Super Bowl Ad“United we stand!”
  41. trailer mix
    Captain America: Civil War Trailer With LegosTo be viewed in your pillow fort.
  42. the industry
    Chadwick Boseman Will Star As Thurgood Marshall; Gavel Sound, Gavel SoundVerdict: This movie sounds good.
  43. captain america civil war
    Spider-Man Might Just Appear in Civil WarBut has Andrew Garfield had time to mourn?
  44. reading the rainbow
    Captain America: Civil War a Gay Love Story?Captain America: Civil War of the Heart
  45. marvel cinematic universe
    How Captain America’s Stuffed Cast Caused a Marvel Civil WarDisputes over the budget of next year’s superhero film caused a corporate reshuffling at Marvel.
  46. marvel cinematic universe
    Incredibly, Hulk Won’t Be in Civil WarMark Ruffalo teased bigger plans for Big Green.
  47. movies
    5 Questions Following Disney’s Massive D23When will we see a live-action Frozen? And can Lupita Nyong’o get a decent live-action role?
  48. on set photos
    Here’s Our First Look at Black Panther’s CostumeThey got the color right, at least!
  49. captain america civil war
    Mark Ruffalo Swears RDJ Says Hulk’s in Civil War“At this point, I’m told that I’m in it by Robert, which I’ll take as biblical.”
  50. comic-book movies
    Marvel Confirms That Basically Every Superhero Will Be in Civil WarAnd a bunch of villains, too.
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