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  1. vulture picks
    The 30 Best Superhero Movies Since BladeAnd why Into the Spider-Verse cracks the top five.
  2. avengers infinity war
    Avengers: Infinity War’s Facial Hair, RankedThere are good guys and bad guys and Infinity Stones, but this is really a movie about facial hair.
  3. Watch People Try to Recap Every Marvel Movie“Chris Evans is skinny, and then Chris Evans … isn’t.”
  4. Ta-Nehisi Coates Will Write Captain America for Marvel ComicsThe relaunched series hits on the Fourth of July.
  5. The 30 Best Superhero Movies Since BladeWesley Snipes’s vampire swordsman started a revolution.
  6. villains week
    First Captain America Became Evil, Then the Comics World EruptedFor one thing, they need to reckon with the fact that they have a new breed of reader.
  7. save us captain america
    Chris Evans, Real-life Captain America, Battled the Former KKK Head on TwitterChris Evans exchanged words with white nationalist David Duke over Jeff Sessions’s confirmation.
  8. the biz
    Chris Evans Is a Hollywood Casting Director’s Best Investment Once AgainThe last three movies he starred in pulled $135.80 for every dollar they paid him.
  9. save us captain america
    Chris Evans Is ‘Devastated’ by Trump Win“This is an embarrassing night for America.”
  10. roll clip!
    Captain America: Civil War Unleashes a Very Silly Blooper ReelBloop a loop a loop.
  11. movies
    Captain America Directors Confirm Cap Is GoneThe shield doesn’t make the man.
  12. monuments
    Brooklyn to Get Captain America StatueIt literally weighs a ton.
  13. sequential art
    Critics Still Pissed After Cap Twist ExplainedThe fracas began a month ago.
  14. captain america civil war
    Hayley Atwell Thinks Captain America’s Latest Love Interest Is a No-Go“You can’t tap that!”
  15. outrage
    A Captain America Comic Has Led to Online ChaosOne big plot twist resulted in an even bigger, even more surprising outcry.
  16. Captain America Might Be Evil in Comics NowIt was revealed in a comic today.
  17. box office
    Captain America: Civil War Is Now 2016’s Highest-Grossing Movie WorldwideThe film passed Zootopia at the foreign box office on Wednesday.
  18. political ideologies
    Chris Evans Is Team Iron Man in Real LifeChris Evans, you beautiful traitor.
  19. shipping
    Civil War Director Says It’s a Love StoryBaby, just say yes.
  20. everybody say hey ms. carter
    Who Is Agent Carter? A Brief History of the Marvel HeroineFrom comics zero to TV hero.
  21. movies
    Explaining Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s Post-Credits ScenesRead only if you’ve seen the movie (or care nothing about the movie).
  22. allison brie
    See Alison Brie As Captain AmericaCalling all the geek boners!
  23. superheroes
    Check Out Some Minimalist Superhero ArtYour childhood, all grown up and hanging from walls.
  24. movie math
    The Avengers: How Much Screen Time Does Each Hero Get?Does Iron Man outrate Captain America?
  25. helvetica
    See Famous Movie Characters Depicted in HelveticaCollect ‘em all!
  26. deleted scenes
    What Important Captain America Scene Was Cut From The Avengers?It might have made you cry.
  27. release dates
    Captain America 2 Dated for April 2014Still no director.
  28. we need a hero
    Community Directors Are in Running to Helm the Captain America SequelThe Russo brothers are in the mix with two other names.
  29. movies
    Eleven Lessons Hollywood Should Learn From Summer Movie SeasonWhy ‘Bad Teacher’ was a hit but ‘The Change-Up’ wasn’t, why Marvel’s superhero scored but DC’s didn’t, and more.
  30. trailer mix
    Puncture Trailer: Chris Evans vs. Drug Addiction, SuspendersSee the new lawyer drama from the star of ‘Captain America.’
  31. your box office explained
    Captain America Is VictoriousAnd ‘Harry Potter’ falls off 75 percent.
  32. box office gold
    Captain America Opens Strong at the Box OfficeWill Chris Evans’s crusader be the superhero movie of the summer?
  33. movie review
    The Appealingly Old Fashioned Captain AmericaThe retro-nostalgic Captain America is miles ahead of its recent competitors.
  34. flag waving
    Who Is The Most Patriotic: Sarah Palin, President Obama, or Captain America?Who is best able to defend America with his or her bare hands?
  35. clickables
    Watch Chris Evans Read the Letterman Top Ten List“Someone broke into Letterman’s theater? I’m on way.”
  36. trailer mix
    New Captain America Trailer: Brooklyn Boy Gets Buff, Makes GoodThis may be the ‘Green Lantern’ palate cleanser you needed.
  37. movies
    As The Dark Knight Recedes, Have Superheroes Gotten Happy Again?’Thor,’ ‘Green Lantern,’ and ‘Captain America’ have turned their backs on the downbeat superheroics of ‘The Dark Knight.’
  38. sequels
    Thor and Captain America Score SequelsSuperhero saturation.
  39. theories
    See How Superhero Movie Trailers Are Always Better in Another LanguageNo more distractingly cheesy dialogue, just mysterious words that could be well-written for all we know.
  40. trailer mix
    Captain America Trailer: Get Him BodiedChris Evans is a superhero whose physique is his most special effect.
  41. clickables
    See More Footage From Captain AmericaIncluding a lot of tiny, skinny Chris Evans, using ‘Benjamin Button’–style trickery.
  42. chat room
    Tommy Lee Jones Tolerates Us for a Talk on HBO’s Sunset Limited, Men in Black 3, and Captain America“This is embarrassing. What I think and feel is irrelevant.”
  43. clickables
    Watch the Captain America/Team America MashupMarvel’s big summer movie isn’t quite PG-13 anymore, but it works!
  44. chat room
    Dominic Cooper on Captain America and What His Mom Will Think of His New Movie About Uday Hussein“Yeah, it’s weird. My mom’s not gonna like this one.”
  45. clickables
    See a New Photo of Chris Evans in His Captain America SuitMore dudes in costumes.
  46. clickables
    See the Cosmic Cube From Captain AmericaIt definitely looks like a cube.
  47. clickables
    See an Incredibly Short Preview for Captain America: The First AvengerReally — it’s six seconds.
  48. clickables
    See More, Less-Clothed Pictures of Chris Evans as Captain AmericaBefore, he was simply helmet-less. Now, in these additional photos from EW, he’s shirtless (and hairless!).
  49. clickables
    See the First Official Photo of Chris Evans As Captain AmericaIt’s on the cover of ‘EW,’ and it’s helmet-less.
  50. comic-con 2010
    Comic-Con Futures: Thor Up, Green Hornet DownWhich remake “might not be terrible”?
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