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  1. we need a hero
    Community Directors Are in Running to Helm the Captain America SequelThe Russo brothers are in the mix with two other names.
  2. movies
    Eleven Lessons Hollywood Should Learn From Summer Movie SeasonWhy ‘Bad Teacher’ was a hit but ‘The Change-Up’ wasn’t, why Marvel’s superhero scored but DC’s didn’t, and more.
  3. trailer mix
    Puncture Trailer: Chris Evans vs. Drug Addiction, SuspendersSee the new lawyer drama from the star of ‘Captain America.’
  4. your box office explained
    Captain America Is VictoriousAnd ‘Harry Potter’ falls off 75 percent.
  5. box office gold
    Captain America Opens Strong at the Box OfficeWill Chris Evans’s crusader be the superhero movie of the summer?
  6. movie review
    The Appealingly Old Fashioned Captain AmericaThe retro-nostalgic Captain America is miles ahead of its recent competitors.
  7. flag waving
    Who Is The Most Patriotic: Sarah Palin, President Obama, or Captain America?Who is best able to defend America with his or her bare hands?
  8. clickables
    Watch Chris Evans Read the Letterman Top Ten List“Someone broke into Letterman’s theater? I’m on way.”
  9. trailer mix
    New Captain America Trailer: Brooklyn Boy Gets Buff, Makes GoodThis may be the ‘Green Lantern’ palate cleanser you needed.
  10. movies
    As The Dark Knight Recedes, Have Superheroes Gotten Happy Again?’Thor,’ ‘Green Lantern,’ and ‘Captain America’ have turned their backs on the downbeat superheroics of ‘The Dark Knight.’
  11. sequels
    Thor and Captain America Score SequelsSuperhero saturation.
  12. theories
    See How Superhero Movie Trailers Are Always Better in Another LanguageNo more distractingly cheesy dialogue, just mysterious words that could be well-written for all we know.
  13. trailer mix
    Captain America Trailer: Get Him BodiedChris Evans is a superhero whose physique is his most special effect.
  14. clickables
    See More Footage From Captain AmericaIncluding a lot of tiny, skinny Chris Evans, using ‘Benjamin Button’–style trickery.
  15. chat room
    Tommy Lee Jones Tolerates Us for a Talk on HBO’s Sunset Limited, Men in Black 3, and Captain America“This is embarrassing. What I think and feel is irrelevant.”
  16. clickables
    Watch the Captain America/Team America MashupMarvel’s big summer movie isn’t quite PG-13 anymore, but it works!
  17. chat room
    Dominic Cooper on Captain America and What His Mom Will Think of His New Movie About Uday Hussein“Yeah, it’s weird. My mom’s not gonna like this one.”
  18. clickables
    See a New Photo of Chris Evans in His Captain America SuitMore dudes in costumes.
  19. clickables
    See the Cosmic Cube From Captain AmericaIt definitely looks like a cube.
  20. clickables
    See an Incredibly Short Preview for Captain America: The First AvengerReally — it’s six seconds.
  21. clickables
    See More, Less-Clothed Pictures of Chris Evans as Captain AmericaBefore, he was simply helmet-less. Now, in these additional photos from EW, he’s shirtless (and hairless!).
  22. clickables
    See the First Official Photo of Chris Evans As Captain AmericaIt’s on the cover of ‘EW,’ and it’s helmet-less.
  23. comic-con 2010
    Comic-Con Futures: Thor Up, Green Hornet DownWhich remake “might not be terrible”?
  24. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Matthew Morrison, StilesPlus: Stanley Tucci to play scientist in ‘Captain America.’
  25. sterling cooper
    Dominic Cooper to Play Young Roger Sterling in Captain AmericaDominic Cooper tells Salon that he’s signed up to star in Marvel’s upcoming ‘Captain America’ as a young Howard Stark.
  26. money
    Captain America to Be Filmed in Communist LondonFor the usual tax-related reasons.
  27. office politics
    Spoiler Alert: Iron Man Continues to Play Favorites With Other AvengersThor, Captain America, and Nick Fury all sit at the cool kids table.
  28. blunt admissions
    Emily Blunt on Captain America Role: ‘It Just Wasn’t What I Wanted To Do Next’Actress hesitant to commit to a franchise.
  29. gag lines
    In Memoriam: Chris Evans’s Smart-ass PersonaCaptain America doesn’t make jokes.
  30. captain america
    Captain America Gets a LadyfriendHayley Atwell has stepped in to play the love interest opposite Chris Evans in Marvel’s ‘Captain America.’
  31. awesome
    Joss Whedon Gets Revenge With The AvengersJoss Whedon may finally get to be in charge of something Fox can’t cancel prematurely.
  32. captain america
    After Coming Up Short in Captain America Race, Stan Nabs Sidekick Role’Gossip Girl’ actor joins Chris Evans in the franchise.
  33. captain america
    Here He Is, Captain AmericaChris Evans has signed on to play Captain America.
  34. captain america
    Now Chris Evans to Play Captain America, MaybeNow ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ says Marvel has offered the role of Captain America to Chris Evans.
  35. captain america
    Carter Baizen to Play Captain America, MaybeAt least Chace Crawford still has Serena.
  36. captain america
    Captain America Artist: ‘If You Don’t Sign Hamm, You’re Crazy’Why not throw another name out there?
  37. the industry
    Paula Returns!Plus: Channing Tatum to play Captain America too.
  38. the industry
    Ryan Reynolds to Slum It in Jason Bateman’s BodyPlus: Anne Hathaway to fall for Jim Sturgess after a while.
  39. Jim Halpert Won’t Play Captain AmericaGood news for ‘Office’ writers terrified at the thought of having to come up with an excuse for Jim to gain 40 pounds of muscle mass.
  40. regional co-manager america
    Jim Halpert to Play Captain America?John Krasinski is on Marvel’s wish list to play Captain America.
  41. comics
    Is Marvel Comics Resurrecting Captain America a Bit Too Soon?We think the answer’s yes.
  42. the industry
    Mischa Barton Is SlippingPlus: ‘Jurassic’ Park with aliens.
  43. the industry
    Confusing: ‘Office’ Actress Joins NBC’s ‘Office’ Non-SpinoffPlus: The He-Man movie isn’t dead after all!
  44. the industry
    ‘Bad’ News About Eva MendesPlus: An unverifiable rumor involving Leonardo DiCaprio and the patriotic superhero he might (or might not) portray in a movie!
  45. apropos of nothing
    Matthew McConaughey to Play Mellow, Bongo-Playing Captain America?Good news for pothead superhero fans everywhere!
  46. the industry
    Make a Date With ‘Iron Man 2’ in April 2010Not to mention ‘Thor,’ ‘The Avengers,’ and ‘Captain America.’
  47. the early-evening news
    Woolworths Takes the Next Step in Tie-in Marketing With the ‘Lolita’ Children’s BedPlus: David Bowie, John Guare, and Captain America.