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  1. sequels
    Captain Marvel Sequel Officially in the Works With Writer Megan McDonnellMarvel is scouting for female directors.
  2. unsung heroes
    Who Is in Avengers: Endgame the Least?So many Oscar nominees, so little time.
  3. shazam!
    Before Shazam! Was a Big-budget Movie It Was an Extremely Odd TV Show for KidsThe live-action Saturday-morning series Shazam! ran for three strange seasons between 1974 and 1976.
  4. celebrity cats
    Are We Approaching Peak Animal Actor?Tonic from Pet Sematary is the latest feline to walk the red carpet in a cute lil’ tie.
  5. movies
    Captain Marvel’s Cat Wrangler Explains How Goose Became a Flerken Hero on SetPicture this: Ben Mendelsohn, in full Skrull makeup, trying desperately to make a cat like him.
  6. captain marvel
    Toxic Fans Fail to ‘Ghostbuster’ Captain Marvel’s Debut. What’s Next?Internet trolls tried to sandbag Marvel’s first female-fronted superhero movie, but their efforts may have helped the sequel-worthy film make history.
  7. $$$$
    Captain Marvel Earns Seventh-Biggest Debut in Marvel Franchise HistoryIt’s simply Marvel-ous.
  8. party report
    First Woman to Score a Marvel Movie Hired a 70-Piece Orchestra to Get the JobSome people bring résumés to job interviews, other people bring nearly six dozen symphony musicians.
  9. movies
    Honestly, What the Eff Is a Flerken?Goose is lying to you.
  10. captain marvel
    Captain Marvel Is Groundbreaking. It’s Also Not Great. Which Matters More?One downside to online firestorms is the way they force us to spend time and energy defending movies that aren’t always worth the effort.
  11. guides
    The Annette Bening Stan’s Guide to Captain MarvelIn Annette Bening we trust.
  12. movies
    Carol Danvers’s Journey to Captain Marvel, in CostumesShe’s been through it.
  13. Marvel Movie Disguises Are Just the WorstThe hat/sunglasses look only makes you look more suspicious, Steve!
  14. vulture lists
    What Is the Funniest Marvel Movie?Humor has been essential to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but which movie had the most laughs?
  15. party report
    Annette Bening Knows She Looks Like Elizabeth Warren, Thank You Very MuchCan we get a biopic please?
  16. review round-up
    Critics on Captain Marvel: Maybe They’re Bored with It, Maybe They’re In-betweenCritics are split on Captain Marvel, though they like Brie Larson’s performance well enough.
  17. movie review
    Captain Marvel Is Spotty, But See It for Brie LarsonHer Captain Marvel is a goddess emitting her own light — an astral version of Liberty at the battlements, sublime and terrifying.
  18. don't feed the trolls
    You Can’t Down-Vote a Movie on Rotten Tomatoes Until It’s Actually OutHow am I supposed to express my displeasure with the very notion of Detective Pikachu now??
  19. alita: battle angel
    How to Read Movie-Embargo Tea LeavesUsually, the closer an embargo is to the release date, the worse the movie is. But sometimes it’s a little more nuanced than that.
  20. trailer mix
    New Captain Marvel Trailer Really Giving Us Carol Danvers/Nick Fury Buddy ComedyYou’ll hear no complaints from us.
  21. trailer mix
    New Captain Marvel Trailer: Searching for Her Past, Kicking Ass Into the FutureFeaturing a very good cameo from Captain Marvel’s cat!
  22. last night on late night
    Conan Unveils a Captain Marvel Trailer That’s Even More ’90sThis will make ’90s kids feel truly seen.
  23. movies
    Is Captain Marvel’s Cat Hiding in the Film’s First Poster?A brief investigation.
  24. trailer mix
    The First Captain Marvel Trailer Has Amnesia and AliensThe long-anticipated MCU outing goes full 1990s.
  25. first looks
    Looks Like Captain Marvel Is Going to Have Some Hot FriendsAllow us to praise with respectful objectification.
  26. movies
    How Is Brie Larson Planning to Rock Your Wednesday?She’s crafting a plot to break your internet and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.
  27. streaming
    Disney’s Streaming Service Might Be Cheaper Than NetflixIt’ll be missing a few Star Wars movies but, come on, you can buy those at the store.
  28. Samuel L. Jackson Is in Most Movies, But He Wants Even MoreThe actor tells Vulture about Incredibles 2, Captain Marvel, and the long-awaited Unbreakable sequel.
  29. the future is female
    A Guide to Every Upcoming Action Movie With a Female LeadThe future is female assassins out for vengeance.
  30. well hello! let's celebrate this
    Annette Bening Will Join Captain Marvel and Thanos Is QuakingWith Annette Bening in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s over for Thanos.
  31. casting call
    Captain Marvel Just Confirmed a Trio of Returning Marvel Universe CharactersGood trio.
  32. castings
    Lashana Lynch Replaces DeWanda Wise in Captain MarvelWise had to exit the Marvel picture because of scheduling conflicts.
  33. captain marvel
    Kevin Feige Teases Details About Captain MarvelThe Marvel producer says fans can expect a 90s action movie sensibility.
  34. Kevin Feige on the Future of Marvel’s Female CharactersCould Okoye or Valkyrie get her own movie? And what’s Michelle Pfeiffer like in Ant-Man and the Wasp?
  35. first looks
    See Brie Larson in Her Captain Marvel CostumeSpotted!
  36. casting couch
    DeWanda Wise Has Gotta Have a Part in Captain MarvelThe She’s Gotta Have It Netflix star has been cast in the superhero flick.
  37. castings
    Jude Law Will Reportedly Join Captain MarvelImagine the sartorial possibilities of Jude Law in the 1990s.
  38. casting couch
    Ben Mendelsohn Might Be Captain Marvel’s SupervillainHe’s already proven his ability to wear a cape with style.
  39. san diego comic con 2017
    Captain Marvel Will Be Set in the 1990s and Feature a Pre-Eyepatch Nick FuryMaybe we’ll finally see how Mr. Fury lost that eye.
  40. comic book movies
    After Signing Two Indie Directors, What’s the MCU’s Plan for Captain Marvel?“It ultimately needs to be about the three-dimensional, multilayered Carol Danvers character.”
  41. marvel cinematic universe
    Captain Marvel Finds Its Directors, and One of Them Is FemaleThe duo was behind Half Nelson, which earned Ryan Gosling his first Oscar nomination.
  42. Marvel Dropped Some Juicy Reveals About Captain Marvel and Ant-Man and the WaspNew concept art reveals potential details from two of Marvel’s most anticipated films.
  43. harmless circle jerkery
    Captain Marvel Is Apparently a Fan of Brie Larson, Who’ll Play Her in a FilmAnd Brie Larson is a fan of the comic in which she is depicted. Meta!
  44. movies
    Captain Marvel Will Be the Strongest SuperheroHe expects to have a director for the Captain Marvel movie by the end of the year.
  45. comic con 2016
    Comic-Con: Marvel Debuts Retro/Quaint New Logos The Marvel onslaught continues.
  46. Comic-Con: Brie Larson Is Officially Captain MarvelMarvel’s first female-fronted movie will be released in March 2019.
  47. captain marvel
    Brie Larson Is Allegedly the Front-runner for Captain MarvelAfter winning an Oscar, the actress is now in talks to play a superhero.
  48. marvel cinematic universe
    Ant-Man to Get a Sequel in 2018, Share Top Billing With WaspAlso, Black Panther was moved up.
  49. wish list
    Ronda Rousey Proves She’d Be a Stellar Captain Marvel With Fan-Made InstagramsThe MMA fighter is looking to switch jobs.
  50. Marvel’s Female-Superhero RenaissanceA-Force, Spider-Gwen, Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, Thor: There’s never been a better time for female superheroes and fans.
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