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Captain Phillips

  1. hired!
    Captain Phillips Writer to Pen Jonah Hill Atlanta Olympics Movie“Look at him. Look at him. He is the Piedmont College security guard now.”
  2. oscars 2014
    The Oscar Best Picture Nominees As Pie ChartsHow much of Her was Spike Jonze–Sofia Coppola breakup fan fiction? What percentage of The Wolf of Wall Street was Mrs. Doubtfire? Was American Hustle mostly briefcase-pushing?
  3. wocka wocka
    Vulture’s Oscar Knock-Knock JokesMcConaughey who?
  4. white people
    Which Oscar-Season Sad White Guy Is Saddest and Whitest?Walter Mitty, Llewyn Davis, Captain Phillips?
  5. awards season
    12 Years, Her, Gravity Get PGA NominationsThese awards often mimic the Oscars.
  6. oscars
    The Whispered Attacks That Could Sink This Year’s Oscar ContendersDid Captain Phillips stretch the truth? Is Philomena anti-Catholic?
  7. special effects
    4 Things That Movie Special Effects Still Can’t Seem to Get RightAs evidenced by recent and upcoming blockbusters.
  8. time limits
    Good News: This Year’s Oscar Movies Aren’t As Long As Last Year’sAnalyzing the running times of the Oscar Favorites.
  9. Bad Grandpa Makes Good at Weekend Box OfficeThe Counselor pretty much tanked though.
  10. box office
    Gravity Holds On to Box Office LeadMeanwhile, Carrie fell flat.
  11. captain phillips
    Read Paul Greengrass’s Response to Captain Phillips Complaints“And I’m 100% satisfied that the picture we present of these events in the film, including the role playing by Captain Phillips, is authentic. I stand by the picture I give in the film, absolutely.”
  12. real-life action-heroes
    Talking With Captain Phillips’s Real-Life First Mate, Shane Murphy“The guy who played me, I’m glad they put a Red Sox hat on him!”
  13. weekend box office
    Audiences Still Feel Gravity’s PullThe latest from director Alfonso Cuarón topped the weekend box office once again. 
  14. party chat
    Michael Chernus on Shooting Captain Phillips“You feel like you’re going crazy after just weeks of being on that ship.”
  15. how to make a movie
    How a Former Studio Head Thinks the Movie Business Has Changed Michael De Luca ran New Line in the Boogie Nights era, and he tells us what’s changed over the last twenty years.
  16. movie review
    Edelstein: Tom Hanks Is Better Than Ever in Captain PhillipsThe way he disappears into the character here is unprecedented.
  17. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Captain Phillips Sails Into the RaceMeanwhile, Julia Roberts makes a move.
  18. ask me anything
    Tom Hanks Did Reddit’s Most Charming AMA, ObviouslyWell, what else did you expect?
  19. early oscar watch
    Can Captain Phillips Earn Tom Hanks His First Oscar Nod in 13 Years?He stars in the Somali pirate thriller, directed by Paul Greengrass.
  20. trailer mix
    New Captain Phillips Trailer: Castaway’d AgainTom Hanks and Paul Greengrass enter the world of pirates and Boston accents.
  21. trailer mix
    Captain Phillips Trailer: Tom Hanks vs. Pirates and Boston AccentsBased on the 2009 hijacking of the Maersk Alabama.