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Car Accidents

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    Kevin Hart Reportedly Suffers Serious Injuries in Car AccidentThe comedian’s wife Eniko Hart said he’s “going to be just fine” following hospitalization.
  2. car accidents
    The Affair’s Maura Tierney Was Hospitalized After Being Struck by CarLuckily she escaped with no major injuries and only a few paparazzi photos.
  3. twitterverse
    Amber Tamblyn Asks Twitter If Anyone Saw Her Almost Get Hit by a CarIf you did, please let her know.
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    Kill Bill Stunt Coordinator Says He Wasn’t Told About Uma Thurman Driving SceneKeith Adams says he was not “notified or consulted” about the stunt, which led to Uma Thurman’s on-set injury.
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    Riverdale’s KJ Apa Opens Up on His Car Accident: ‘It Was a Mistake on My Part’“I should have pulled over and gone to sleep instead of battling my way home.”
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    Dylan O’Brien Was Run Over By Car on Maze RunnerHe has suffered multiple broken bones.
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    Caitlyn Jenner Settles Lawsuit With the Family of Car-Crash VictimJenner’s conduct could not be proven “unreasonable.”
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    Caitlyn Jenner Sued for Negligence in Fatal Car CrashProsecutors have previously declined to press criminal charges against Jenner.
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    Bobbi Kristina Was in Car Accident Days Before IncidentWhitney Houston’s daughter crashed her Jeep into another car.
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    Doctors Don’t Know If Tracy Morgan Will Ever Perform AgainThe comedian also accused Walmart of “blaming [him] for an accident that they caused.”
  11. Tracy Morgan’s Lawyer Says He’s ‘Still Struggling’ After AccidentDespite the hopeful update on Tracy Morgan standup Neal Brennan shared last week, Morgan’s lawyer wants to make it clear that the former 30 […]
  12. Tracy Morgan Files Lawsuit Against Walmart After Leaving Rehabilitation […]Over a month after being involved in a fatal car wreck that resulted in multiple injuries and the death of his mentor and writing partner James […]
  13. Tracy Morgan’s Condition Upgraded from Critical to Fair Following June 7 […]It’s been a little over a week since Tracy Morgan and his crew of passengers were involved in a fatal car accident that tragically killed […]
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    Tracy Morgan’s Condition Upgraded to FairFollowing a June 7 car crash.
  15. Tracy Morgan Remains in Critical Condition After Fatal Car WreckWhile traveling home in a limo van from a show in Delaware late Friday night, Tracy Morgan and his crew of passengers including Morgan’s […]
  16. Dick Van Dyke Safely Escaped a Fiery Car Accident YesterdayDick Van Dyke nearly lost his life yesterday in an accident while driving but is luckily all right. The 87-year-old comedic actor was driving […]
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    Danny McBride, Assistant EvildoerPlus: Car wrecks, Somalian pirates, and Dan Cortese.
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    ‘Trapped in the Closet’ Chapter 22: The End of the BeginningAfter a wild and wonderful ride, we’ve arrived at the season-two finale of R&B genius R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet.