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  1. career advice
    Dwayne Johnson Needs to Find His Own James CameronIf he wants to follow in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s footsteps, it’s time to work with a better director.
  2. unsolocited advice
    7 Suggestions for Adele’s Future As a Performer If She Never Wants to Tour AgainHeed our unsolicited advice, Adele.
  3. career advice
    5 Ways Kelly Clarkson Can Improve Her CareerWe’ve got your back, Kelly!
  4. career advice
    Bill Murray Should Hire an Agent AlreadyIs being so unreachable hurting his career? 
  5. career advice
    5 Tips for Tina Fey on Becoming a Movie StarBecause Admission and This Is Where I Leave You aren’t gonna cut it.
  6. career advice
    Why Can’t Cameron Diaz Make a Good Movie?Sex Tape is only her latest misfire.
  7. career advice
    6 Things Will Smith Can Learn From Tom CruiseTwo similar A-listers … with similar problems.
  8. career advice
    Five Career Moves Katie Holmes Should Make Next (But Will She?)Get thee to a Dawson’s Creek reunion on Fallon, miss.