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  1. anniversaries
    What’s the Legacy of the Lost Finale?Revisiting “The End” a decade later, along with Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.
  2. cancellations
    USA Cancels Colony After 3 SeasonsThe show was previously USA’s top scripted series on Thursday nights.
  3. good girl gone bates
    Bates Motel Showrunners On Casting Rihanna As Marion Crane“What we wanted to do was cast someone who wouldn’t be a pale imitation of Janet Leigh.”
  4. season renewals
    The Strain Renewed for a Fourth and Final SeasonThe final season will air in summer 2017.
  5. Behind Monday Night’s Tragic Episode of Bates Motel, ‘Forever’We all knew this was coming.
  6. season renewals
    USA Renews Colony for a Second SeasonWill Los Angeles ever be free?
  7. chat room
    Carlton Cuse on The Returned and Bates MotelAnd Lost’s legacy.
  8. the vulture transcript
    Carlton Cuse on Bates Motel, Lost, and StrainBruce Campbell on season three of Bates Motel? You can thank us later.
  9. series orders
    FX Orders 13 Episodes of Guillermo del Toro’s Vampire TV SeriesThe Strain.
  10. pick up lines
    Pilot News: MacFarlane’s New Show, Kinnear on TVPlus Sleepy Hollow, Girlfriend in a Coma, and tons more.
  11. most devoted fans
    Lost’s Carlton Cuse on Showrunner CelebrityAs a career TV writer, having rabid fans who cared about the showrunner more than the actors was a shock. Here’s what it was like in Lost’s heyday, from premiere to finale.
  12. pick up lines
    Guillermo del Toro and Carlton Cuse Sell The Strain to FXBased on del Toro’s trilogy of vampire novels.
  13. casting
    A&E Lands Vera Farmiga for Psycho TV SeriesShe’ll play the mother of Norman Bates.
  14. writers writing
    Lost’s Carlton Cuse Writing 3-D Earthquake MovieNew Line’s San Andreas: 3-D.
  15. pickups
    A&E Picks Up Carlton Cuse’s Psycho PrequelWe all go a little mad sometimes. But what happens before that?
  16. drama derby
    The Greatest TV Drama of the Past 25 Years, Round One: Mad Men vs. LostTwo shows that place a bundle of trust in the viewer, and make us feel damned smart for doing so.
  17. lost
    Lost Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse Were ‘Fighting’ on TwitterIs it all a Comic-Con goof?
  18. best of 2010
    Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof Pick Their Favorite Cultural Moments of 2010In which the ‘Lost’ co-creators prove they’ve made good use of their downtime. And Lindelof calls Cuse a dirty liar.
  19. lost
    Lost’s Carlton Cuse Working on a Civil War TV ShowFor ABC.
  20. tv
    Muppets Audition to Be Lost’s Smoke MonsterDamon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse look back on what might have been.
  21. tv
    Sarah Silverman Interviews Lost Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse“I couldn’t help but notice that you’re both huge nerds.”
  22. lost
    Are the Lost Haters Getting to Carlton and Damon?Lindelof: “Are there any readers who actually like the show?”
  23. chat room
    Lindelof and Cuse on the End (?) of Lost“There might, possibly, be some questions that we, as storytellers, will answer in the body of the show that might not be appearing in the finale. “
  24. tv
    Muppets Invade the Lost Offices and Are Allowed to Ask One QuestionMuppets love ‘Lost,’ too.
  25. lost
    Ask Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse AnythingHave a question about last night’s explosive episode or keeping a huge secret for five years?
  26. lost
    Lost Producers Finish Work on Series FinaleThe countdown until it leaks begins now.
  27. quote machine
    Don’t Talk to RaekwonPlus: Fourteen women get lucky on the same night.
  28. lost
    Disney Might Actually Make a Lost Amusement Park AttractionSweaty jungle hikes for everyone!
  29. aaron burr
    Frogurt Lives!Yo, Damon and Carlton, you crazy for this one!
  30. lost
    Spain Knows How to Make a Lost PromoThe key is a chessboard and a creepy narrator.
  31. lost
    Lost Creators Avert Plane Crash at Comic-ConPlus: Boone returns! Also, Kate’s stepfather is okay!
  32. quote machine
    Pete Wentz Sufficiently Convinced of John Mayer’s Legendary StatusPlus: Judah Friedlander on his impressive genealogy, and Nathan Lee on Anthony Lane.
  33. the early-evening news
    Jeff Fahey’s Scary Eyes Join the Cast of ‘Lost’Crackheads. Plus: Rob Schneider!
  34. the industry
    ‘Lost’ Announces Endgame