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Carmen Lynch

  1. Inside Carmen Lynch’s Debut Album, 15 Years in the Making Comedian Carmen Lynch is at an exciting stage in her comedy career. She just performed her fifth late-night set, this time on Colbert. She […]
  2. Carmen Lynch on Translating Comedy from English to Spanish and an […]New York-based comedian Carmen Lynch didn’t come to the city planning to do standup, but she’s been at it for more than a decade. She’s […]
  3. Watch Carmen Lynch’s Second Standup Appearance on ‘Late Show’Standup Carmen Lynch returned to Late Show with David Letterman for the second time last week, covering everything from having two short […]
  4. Standup Carmen Lynch Makes Her Letterman Debut Here’s NYC-based standup Carmen Lynch doing her first Letterman set Friday night. Lynch recently was the runner-up in The New York Times 2nd […]
  5. Do Your Part and Vote for the ‘New York Times’ Comedy ChallengeThe New York Times is holding its 2nd Annual Comedy Challenge this week. Six different comedians each tell their best clean joke, and then […]