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  1. Amy Poehler, Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, and Matt Walsh Announce 2018 […]Amy Poehler, Matt Besser, Ian Roberts,and Matt Walsh are bringing UCB’s popular long-running improv show ASSSSCAT to a very important stage […]
  2. Joyce DiDonato, at Carnegie and Her Vocal PeakMolto mezzo.
  3. At Carnegie, Difficult Music at a Difficult TimeEarly Schoenberg, Webern, Berg.
  4. jokes
    Tig Notaro Unleashes the Best Closer I’ve Ever SeenLooking at her unbelievable show at a recent Carnegie Hall show.
  5. A Dark, Glorious Shostakovich Moment at Carnegie“In these players’ hands, music accomplished what life often fails to do: fashion beauty out of pain.”
  6. At Carnegie Hall Last Night, El Sistema’s StarGustavo Dudamel comes to town.
  7. music
    Questlove’s Weeklong Master Class on the Gospel of Prince“When Prince’s 1999 came out, it touched off a saga that lasted half a decade.”
  8. bitchassness
    Questlove, the Roots Pull Out of Bowie Gigs Because of a “#Bitchassness” outbreak.
  9. hanukkah songs
    Adam Sandler Plays a New, Very Funny, Very Jewish Version of ‘The Hanukkah Song’For a fourth time!
  10. party chats
    Judd Apatow: I’m ‘Terrible’ at Sex“I’m always between impotence and premature ejaculation.”
  11. lean on him
    Live Review: Carnegie Hall’s Bill Withers SaluteThe reclusive singer-songwriter abruptly exited the spotlight in the 1980s, but his legacy continues to flourish, particularly this year.
  12. classical music
    On 50 Years of Meredith Monk’s Excellent WeirdnessShe has been carrying out a slow revolution, with no end in sight.
  13. classical music
    Carnegie Hall Will Start Livestreaming Concerts Next WeekFirst up: Joyce di Donato, from the World Series.
  14. At the Armory and Carnegie Hall, the Berlin Philharmonic’s Retro ReinventionSimon Rattle leads the freshest-sounding 132-year-old around.
  15. classical music review
    Davidson on John Luther Adams’s Carnegie Hall Debut“An utterly original, totally immersive sound world.”
  16. classical music
    Justin Davidson on James Levine’s Triumphant Return to Carnegie HallThe conductor came back after two years on the disabled list.
  17. Mike Birbiglia Is Playing Carnegie HallComedian Mike Birbiglia announced on his website today that he’s playing the prestigious concert venue Carnegie Hall this summer. Here’s a bit […]
  18. classical music
    John Cage Is Still Rattling the Bars at 100The composer explored the wondrous border zone between the intentional and the accidental.
  19. radio vulture
    Carnegie, Rockefeller, Carter? Jay-Z’s American DreamCultural horse-trading at star-studded Carnegie Hall concerts.
  20. a little help
    Haiti Fund-Raiser at Carnegie Hall Mainly Benefits Carnegie HallBut hey, think of all the raised consciousness!
  21. major screw jobs
    Madoff’s Other Victim: CultureArts institutions could be the next victims of Bernard Madoff’s malpractice.
  22. last night's gig
    Randy Newman Indulges Spanish Inquisition Fantasy at Carnegie HallNewman slouched at his Steinway and sang about American hypocrisy with more sharpness and poignancy than the combined works of Thomas Frank and Maureen Dowd.
  23. last night's gig
    Al Green Makes Carnegie Hall His Love ChurchAl Green wrapped up an aside referencing someone who once “literally sang his pants off.”
  24. news reel
    ‘Jerry Springer: The Opera’ Composer Richard Thomas Now Turning His Attention to a Britney Spears BalletAmerica’s pop-culture embarrassments, listen up!
  25. last night's gig
    Kiki & Herb Segue From ‘Mister Fister’ Into ‘What Child Is This?’ at Carnegie HallChristmas came early to the gays.
  26. last night's gig
    Brian Stokes Mitchell Drinks Deep From Meager Well of SufferingWith his anchorman’s diction, alpaca baritone, and twinkling teeth, Brian Stokes Mitchell exudes the sort of confidence that would shame a comic-book hero.