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  1. period piece
    A Brief History of Onscreen PeriodsVery rarely is a period portrayed as what it is like for almost everyone who experiences it — mundane.
  2. Why Riverdale Chose to Stage Carrie for Its Musical EpisodeCreator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa tells the behind-the-scenes story of Riverdale High’s big show.
  3. riverdale
    The Sexy, Theater Geeky Riverdale Teens Are Staging Carrie: The MusicalKevin Keller is directing it and Cheryl Blossom is Carrie, of course.
  4. horror week
    9 Actors on Their Famous Horror-Movie DeathsRose McGowan, Ray Liotta, and the Final Destination tanning-bed girls.
  5. ice bucket challenge
    The Foo Fighters Reenacted the Prom Scene From CarrieAnother creative ALS ice-bucket challenge.
  6. All 64 Stephen King Books, RankedLooking back over more than 40 years’ worth of his work.
  7. box office
    Gravity Holds On to Box Office LeadMeanwhile, Carrie fell flat.
  8. movie review
    Movie Review: CarrieChloë Grace Moretz stars as Stephen King’s deadly prom queen.
  9. advice
    Five Tips on How to Make a Good Stephen King Movie AdaptationTip No. 1: Don’t use the dialogue from his books.
  10. nostalgia
    P.J. Soles Reminisces About the Original Carrie“How you can ever think that you’re going to get a better performance than Sissy as Carrie …”
  11. All of Stephen King’s TV Work, RankedThe Stand, Salem’s Lot, The Shining
  12. trailer mix
    Carrie Trailer: Trapped in the ClosetJulianne Moore will haunt us forever.
  13. delays
    Carrie Remake Delayed to OctoberTelekinesis takes time.
  14. clickables
    See a Teaser for the Chloë Moretz Carrie RemakeShe’s just a girl. An impossibly bloody one.
  15. scary foods
    It’s Halloween Month, So Here Are Four Horror-Movie Cake PopsChew on Kathy Bates!
  16. carrie
    See Stills From CarrieIt’s a bloody good time.
  17. movies
    Carrie Remake Will Include ‘Found Footage’And Brian De Palma is advising new director Kimberly Peirce.
  18. Julianne Moore Offered Margaret White Role in Carrie RemakeGreat casting news.
  19. casting couch
    Julianne Moore in Talks to Play Carrie’s MotherA report says she’s “speaking closely” with Columbia about the remake.
  20. casting
    Chloe Moretz Offered Carrie, Excited to Work With Kimberly Peirce“I think she’s a phenomenal director.”
  21. casting
    We Hear the Top Candidates for the Carrie Remake Are …Hope they don’t mind the sight of blood!
  22. theater reviews
    Carrie Is Back and As Serious As a Telekinetically Induced Heart AttackAnd the rest of the weekend roundup.
  23. remakes
    Kimberly Peirce Circling Carrie RemakeDraft Lindsay Lohan!
  24. lana del rey
    See Lana Del Rey Covered in BloodLana Del Rey takes the horror movie route, still looks pretty, and what are you going to do about it?
  25. exclusive
    MGM Wants David Lindsay-Abaire to Write a Poltergeist RemakeThis and other projects indicate that the resuscitated studio might actually be making some interesting choices.
  26. theater
    Broadway’s Most Notorious Bomb, Carrie, Will Be RevivedThe 1988 flop will be reworked for an Off Broadway revival.
  27. vulture lists
    10 Most Anti-Christian Movies of All TimeDespite our high hopes, The Golden Compass will probably not kill God or turn America’s children into atheists like the Catholic League promised. But these movies might!