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  1. Can You Best Elaine Benes in ‘New Yorker’ Captioning?This cartoon was used in “The Cartoon” episode of Seinfeld. You know the one where Elaine accidentally steals a Ziggy. Well, now the New Yorker […]
  2. Nick Weidenfield is Bringing Crazy, Weird, Unironic Animation to FoxAfter spending seven years heading up development over at Adult Swim, Nick Weidenfield is in the process of creating a very similar late-night […]
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    Watch a Supercut of Sexual Innuendo in CartoonsBugs Bunny, you cad!
  4. animation
    See Early Sketches of Eleven Famous Cartoon CharactersIt’s nice to see Marge Simpsons’s upper lip leveled out.
  5. teenage mutant ninja turtles
    See the (Rumored) First Sketch Ever of the Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesOnce upon a time, the turtles were in black and white.
  6. Watch a New Yorker Cartoonist Doodle and Chat at the Same Time Here’s a video interview with New Yorker cartoonist Matt Diffee, in which he discusses the business of “drawing funny” and also doodles a […]
  7. Bill Murray, Steve Martin, and Bugs Bunny: The Looney Tunes 50th […]In the 1970s and 1980s, Warner Bros. did not take great care with its animation legacy. The studio spit out a new, clumsily assembled “special” […]
  8. Watch the Media-Conspiracy TV Funhouse Segment SNL Banned in 1998 Marc Maron just Tweeted the link to this video, a Robert Smigel-written TV Funhouse segment in which the educational program Conspiracy Theory […]
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    See the Parks and Recreation Characters As CartoonsLeslie Knope would be adorable animated.
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    Justin Theroux to Create Cartoon for FoxIt will be about a liberal, present-day Archie Bunker type who pines for the nineties and loathes his New York surroundings.
  11. mindy kaling
    Mindy Kaling Will Write and Voice a Prime-Time CartoonAbout a girls’ high school volleyball team.
  12. drive
    See What Drive Would Look Like As an Animated ShortAnimators Tom Haugomat and Bruno Mangyoku turn the gory “car noire” (our term!) into an equally gory cartoon, scorpion jacket unchanged.
  13. The Strange Fad of Comedian-Based Saturday Morning CartoonsMaria Bamford has a great bit about how she wants to have a TV sitcom someday called Me, My Mom, and a Monster, in which she, her mother, and a […]
  14. movies
    Woody Woodpecker Feature Film in DevelopmentMakers of Despicable Me and The Lorax behind project.
  15. Cartoonists’ 9/11 Tributes, CollectedAlmost 100 comic strip artists used their Sunday strips this week to commemorate the tenth anniversary of 9/11. They range from simple visual […]
  16. Demetri Martin Working on an Animated Show for FoxTime to send that easel back to the great…Easel Maker in the sky: Fox is reportedly getting close to a presentation order for Demetri Martin’s […]
  17. Daniel Tosh Brings Brickleberry To Comedy CentralSadly, Daniel Tosh’s Brickleberry is not a flavor of limited-run ice cream like I’d momentarily thought. My brain, constantly trying to find […]
  18. Black Dynamite Saves Your Ass Again In Adult Swim Pilot If anyone could prevent forest fires, it is almost certainly Black Dynamite. Adult Swim has posted the Black Dynamite pilot, and it’s filled […]
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    See Jaws Reimagined With Peanuts CharactersHappiness is needing a bigger boat.
  20. Tiny Fuppets About To Take America By Storm Why, these Tiny Fuppets are like nothing I’ve ever seen. It’s like they always say: the fanboat is the birthplace of all great Portuguese […]
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    Check Out the Comprehensive Cartoon Color WheelThe Orange Cartoon Lobby has been falling down on the job.
  22. ‘It’s All My Fault, Although I Also Blame Others": The Curious Case of the […]In 1988, Martin Short collaborated with fellow SCTV alumni Catherine O’Hara, Joe Flaherty, and Andrea Martin, plus legendary comedian Jonathan […]
  23. 20 Years Later, Looking Back at the Twisted Genius of Ren and StimpyRen and Stimpy turns 20 years old this summer, and I kicked off celebrations by watching one of my favorite episodes, Space Madness. It opens […]
  24. Wonderful: Fozzie Bear on WTF with Marc MaronThis cartoon by Skottie Young is pretty much perfect. He’s selling the original drawing, too, if you’re interested. Own something that will […]
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    Learn Physics With My Little Pony: Friendship Is MagicKinematics! Whatever those are.
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    Read Roger Ebert’s Winning New Yorker Cartoon CaptionHe finally won!
  27. Mort Feingold: Accountant For The Stars, Meet Alan Kaufman: Rock Star […]Following this weekend’s SNL, cartoonist Dan Meth is wondering if “Mort Feingold: Accountant For The Stars” ripped off “Alan Kaufman: Rock Star […]
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    Watch a Maybe-Promising Trailer for the ThunderCats RemakeThundercats hoooooooooo!
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    Read 3eanuts, the Peanuts’ Answer to Garfield Minus GarfieldLucy is really struggling.
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    Watch the CBBC’s Delightful Animated Series About a Crime-Fighting Rasta MouseKids, help your parents find their cheese.
  31. Conan’s Superhero Alter Ego, The Flaming C, Comes to Life This is fun: Conan worked with some animators at Warner Brothers Animation to create a ridiculous superhero called the Flaming C. It’s like […]
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    Read a Collection of New Yorker Cartoons With Literal Captions“I’m an alien.”
  33. Ren and Stimpy’s John K Has No Respect For Script-Written CartoonsJohn Kricfalusi, creator of the wonderfully twisted Ren and Stimpy, wrote a letter to a fan where he lays you his argument for writing cartoons […]
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    Read The New Yorker’s Four Loko CartoonR.I.P. Loko.
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    See Scenes From Wicker Man Reimagined As New Yorker CartoonsHow long will we have to wait for the reverse?
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    See Jason Segel and Jack Black’s ‘Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy’ DuetThat’s a pretty nifty cartoon log piano.
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    Read 70 Years’ Worth of Airport-Security New Yorker CartoonsTo put your pat-down in perspective.
  38. exclusive
    Fox Orders Two New Animated PilotsAnd is considering half a dozen other animated series.
  39. Fox’s Two New Animated Series Include Napoleon Dynamite and a Jonah Hill […]Fox loves itself some animation! It just ordered two new animated series for next year, one based on Napoleon Dynamite and one from Jonah […]
  40. The New Yorker’s Young Gun CartoonistsIts parameters are tight: black and white. One square. One caption. It’s bare, and it’s simple. It doesn’t have dialogue or physicality or […]
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    See Country Singer Brad Paisley’s New Yorker Cartoon Contest SubmissionsSadly, the second casts a shadow on the glory of the first.
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    Meet Phineas and Ferb, Disney’s Soon-to-Be-Ubiquitous Animated ShowIt’s the next ‘SpongeBob,’ Disney hopes.
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    Read an Excerpt From R. Crumb’s The Band Genesis IllustratedBrilliant.
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    See a Preview of Ghost World Cartoonist Daniel Clowes’s New BookIt’s called ‘Wilson.’
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    See The New Yorker’s Lady Gaga CartoonHighbrow high brow-brow.
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    South Park’s Season Premiere Will Not Be Tiger Woods’s Favorite EpisodeParker and Stone take on another “sacred” topic.
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    The Cast of Seinfeld Play Dungeons & DragonsSo now I roll? Now you roll. I’m going to roll. Roll away.