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Casa De Mi Padre

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    Every Will Ferrell Movie, RankedWhich film best captures the Will Ferrell Experience?
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    Watch Gael García Bernal Undergo a ‘Twittervention’It’s all about the kittens, GGB.
  3. Will Ferrell Can’t Help Being This HealthyI know you’re exhausted by all this news about how fun and well-adjusted Will Ferrell is and how none of us will ever measure up to his […]
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    21 Jump Street Holds Up the Box Office for $35 MillionPlus, John Carter sinks further.
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    Watch Will Ferrell Explain His Mastery of AccentsHe is the male Meryl Streep, after all.
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    Gael García Bernal on Casa De Mi Padre, Will Ferrell’s Spanish, and That Random Gillette Commercial“It’s the most serious work that I’ve done. I don’t know why you’re laughing.”
  7. Will Ferrell and Jimmy Kimmel Butcher the Spanish Language Together Will Ferrell’s Casa de Mi Padre promotional stunts continue with this Kimmel appearance, in which he and “Yimmy” hold their interview entirely […]
  8. Inside the Pre-Late Show Mind of King Bacchus, Will Ferrell Now that we know how blissfully untroubled Will Ferrell is, it makes a lot of sense that the top ten things he’s thinking before his Late Show […]
  9. casa de mi padre
    Watch a Music Video for Casa De Mi Padre“Yo No Sé.”
  10. Will Ferrell Is a Ranchero and He Doesn’t Know Why does Will Ferrell sing songs in Spanish? Yo no se! Just kidding, I do know, it’s to promote his Spanish comedy Casa de Mi Padre. Along […]
  11. Will Ferrell Is Disgustingly Well-AdjustedThe darkest things about Will Ferrell in this profile are that Joan Rivers accused him of being rude once and that he doesn’t love Chihuahuas. […]
  12. Don’t Expect Too Much From Will Ferrell’s SpanishWill Ferrell is giving an advance “lo siento” for his Spanish performance in Casa de Mi Padre. His co-star Gael García Bernal does promise that […]
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    Watch a Fifteen-Minute Featurette on the Making of Will Ferrell’s Casa De Mi PadreGood to see Nick Offerman’s getting work.
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    Watch Will Ferrell Shill for Beer … AgainDrink up, cowboy!
  15. What to Expect From Casa de mi Padre, Based on Its Full-Length Trailer Here are a few things we can expect from Casa de mi Padre when it comes to los teatros on March 16, based on the newly released full-length […]
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    See the Poster for Will Ferrell’s Casa de Mi PadreThe Will Ferrell Face, finally memorialized in art promoting a Spanish-language comedy.
  17. Mas Informacion on Will Ferrell’s Casa de mi Padre While we got some understanding of Will Ferrell’s March 16 Spanish-language comedy Cara de mi Padre from its first trailer, here is a plot […]
  18. Will Ferrell’s Spanish-Language Film Will Have Its Estreno Next March Will Ferrell’s new Spanish-language comedy has been given a March 16 release date. Casa de mi Padre/House of My Father stars Ferrell as […]
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    Pantelion Picks Up Will Ferrell Spanish Film Casa de Mi PadreYou might need the subtitles.
  20. Will Ferrell está en Fuego in the Telenovela Spoof Casa de mi Padre Based on the number of slaps delivered in the trailer, Will Ferrell’s Casa de mi Padre is going to leave his stoic face looking like ground […]
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    Will Ferrell’s Spanish-Language Movie: ¿Qué?Watch the trailer for ‘Casa de mi Padre.’
  22. Will Ferrell Making Spanish-Language Comedy With the Guys from Y Tu Mamá […]This is…interesting: “Funny or Die Presents director Matt Piedmont will soon be directing Will Ferrell in the Spanish-language comedy Casa de […]
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    Industry Roundup: Reeves, Bernal, LunaPlus: DMB to tour this fall before 2011 hiatus.