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  1. snl
    No SNL Host Has Survived Kate McKinnon’s Paranormal Sketch Without BreakingA short but important history.
  2. sexual assault
    Oh Good, Here’s Casey Affleck Talking About #MeToo AgainHe says he’s learned to “listen.”
  3. rehab
    Casey Affleck Says His Brother Ben Is ‘Doing Great’ in RehabBen entered rehab on August 22.
  4. movies
    Now That He’s Apologized, Casey Affleck Is Producing Another MovieBut he’s learned what a professional environment is so that’s good!
  5. #metoo
    Casey Affleck Talks Harassment Allegations: I Behaved in ‘Unprofessional’ Way“I kind of moved from a place of being defensive to one of a more mature point of view, trying to find my own culpability.”
  6. sexual harassment
    Kenneth Lonergan Says Casey Affleck Has Been ‘Treated Abominably’ Amid #MeToo“People really don’t what they are talking about, I’m afraid.”
  7. oscars 2018
    E! Host Josh Horowitz Addresses ‘Awkward’ Casey Affleck Situation at the OscarsAmid E!’s own awkward Ryan Seacrest situation.
  8. oscars 2018
    Jennifer Lawrence and Jodie Foster Will Reportedly Present Best Actress OscarLast year’s Best Actor winner Casey Affleck withdrew from presenting at the Oscars in January.
  9. time's up
    Casey Affleck Will Not Present at This Year’s OscarsAs the reigning Best Actor, he would have handed out the award for Best Actress.
  10. apologies
    Casey Affleck to Armie Hammer: Don’t Call Me by That NameHammer has apologized for saying Affleck had been accused of sexual assault.
  11. the industry
    Armie Hammer Calls Out Last Year’s Nate Parker–Casey Affleck Double StandardHammer calls the rollout of Nate Parker’s college rape allegation “orchestrated.”
  12. casting
    Casey Affleck to Star in Alfonso Cuarón TV Horror Drama About a CultCuarón is writing and directing the series.
  13. big screen adaptations
    Casey Affleck to Bum You Out Again in an Adaptation of John Williams’s StonerIt will be directed by literary-adaptation enthusiast Joe Wright.
  14. batfleck
    Casey Affleck Says Ben’s Not Playing Batman Again, Immediately BackpedalsClassic little-brother move.
  15. interviews
    How A Ghost Story Almost Defeated Its Director“I was so convinced that it was too high-concept to succeed.”
  16. peaceful protests
    Why Brie Larson Not Clapping at the Oscars Was Even Harsher Than It LookedIf she doesn’t have anything nice to say … what have you done?
  17. op-eds
    Kenneth Lonergan Condemns Op-Ed on Casey Affleck Sexual Harassment Allegations“Only the author’s presumed youth can possibly excuse his deeply offensive display of ignorance, and warped PC-fueled sense of indignation.”
  18. controversies
    After Winning His Oscar, Casey Affleck Addresses Sexual Harassment AllegationsThe actor had previously kept quiet about the controversy.
  19. surprise!
    Casey Affleck’s Production Company Donated to Trump Without Affleck KnowingAffleck/Middleton Project donated $5,000 to Trump’s transition team.
  20. oscars 2017
    How Does a Contender’s Personal Life Affect Awards Voting? 17 Insiders Weigh InIndustry veterans discuss whether they truly can separate art from artist.
  21. oscars 2017
    Constance Wu Slams Casey Affleck’s Oscar NomThe Manchester by the Sea actor has been accused of sexual harassment.
  22. trials of the spirit
    Give Kenneth Lonergan an Award for Surviving the Hell That Is Awards SeasonKenneth Lonergan would really like to go home right now, please.
  23. last night on late night
    Ben Affleck Noticed Casey Didn’t Thank HimCasey Affleck did thank Matt Damon for his Golden Globe, though.
  24. saturday night live
    Take a Zen Moment With an SNL Set ChangeFrom cold open to monologue in two-and-a-half minutes.
  25. Casey Affleck Brings End-of-Year Cheer to the Last ‘SNL’ of 2016 This week, Saturday Night Live closed out 2016 with the wry humor of Casey Affleck, the unfailing charm of Chance the Rapper, fun cameos from […]
  26. last night on late night
    Casey Affleck Is the Worst Dunkin’ Donuts Patron“This is the face of Dunkin’ Donuts right here.”
  27. roll clip!
    Chance the Rapper Should Just Host SNLLet’s cut out the middle man.
  28. year in culture 2016
    The Best Film Performances of 2016It would be much easier to make a Worst Performances of 2016 list than one that could do justice to all the terrific ones.
  29. ‘SNL’s Final Hosts of 2016: John Cena and Casey AffleckSaturday Night Live has revealed its final hosts of the year. After Emma Stone hosts tomorrow’s episode with musical guest Shawn Mendes, the […]
  30. saturday night live
    John Cena and Casey Affleck Will Host SNL This MonthWith musical guests Maren Morris and Chance the Rapper.
  31. movie review
    Manchester by the Sea Is Unrelenting in Its BleaknessCasey Affleck proves he can convey suffering as well as any actor alive.
  32. manchester by the sea
    Damon Got Lonergan to Write Manchester As a Ruse“A lot of his friends were, quite frankly, worried about him. He needed money, but he couldn’t write — it was this horrible limbo.”
  33. the industry
    Casey Affleck Will Write, Direct, and Star in New Film Light of My LifeIf you want all the jobs done, you have to do them yourself.
  34. trailer mix
    Watch the Trailer for Manchester by the SeaStarring Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams.
  35. last night on late night
    Casey Affleck’s Late Show Interview Is Awkward“You really look like a street-corner Jesus. You do!”
  36. the industry
    HBO Considers Turning Back on Its Voyage to Explore a Lewis and Clark MiniseriesIt’s going back to “redevelopment.”
  37. casting couch
    Casey Affleck Working on Boston Strangler MovieIt’s all Boston, Boston, Boston with these Affleck boys.
  38. actor-producers
    Matt Damon and Ben Affleck Producing South PoleAbout a pair of early 1900s explorers.
  39. actor directors
    Casey Affleck to Write and Direct Baseball FilmAbout the Texas Rangers’ Josh Hamilton.
  40. casting
    Rooney Mara, Casey Affleck Hope to Become SaintsIt’s a film akin to Bonnie and Clyde.
  41. casting couch
    Casey Affleck and Zoe Saldana May Join Christian Bale in Out of the FurnaceSmells like Oscar-bait in so many different ways.
  42. best of
    The Unpredictable Patti Smith’s Favorite Cultural Moments of 2010We expected Jim Carroll, but ‘Law & Order: SVU’?
  43. the industry
    Industry: Darren Aronofsky Plans a Robocop-esque FeaturePlus: Matthew Broderick and Casey Afflect join ‘Tower Heist.’
  44. movies
    Casey Affleck to Roger Ebert: I’m Still Here Had No Point“There are ideas in the film that are interesting to me. I don’t have a point to make, though.”
  45. quote machine
    Look Out, Tofu, Lady Gaga’s Coming for YouPlus: Steve Martin hangs with squirrels.
  46. duh
    Joaquin’s I’m Still Here Totally Made UpNone of it’s true, says Casey Affleck.
  47. casey affleck
    Casey Affleck Settles Pair Of Sexual Harassment CasesSuits were for $2 million and $2.5 million.
  48. quote machine
    Norm Macdonald’s Letterman Impression OkayedPlus: Maybe Rivers Cuomo is still kinda immature.
  49. i'm still here
    How Will Joaquin’s Year of Performance Art End?Is he a rapping beardo? Or just a guy who pretended to be a rapping beardo for fun?
  50. exclusive
    Bearded Joaquin Phoenix Immortalized by Shepard FaireySharp-eyed citizens of major cities might have noticed these wild postings of Joaquin Phoenix’s bearded visage popping up recently …
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