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  1. Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael Are Developing a Show with ABCComedy duo Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael are developing a new show together. Deadline reports that Wilson and Raphael have signed a […]
  2. Casey Wilson and Adam Pally Talk George Zimmerman on ‘The Jeselnik […] There was a little bit of a Happy Endings reunion on The Jeselnik Offensive last night with stars Casey Wilson and Adam Pally appearing on the […]
  3. yes and...
    An Oral History of UCB Theater Partying and ‘Awkward Sexuality’Featuring Amy Poehler, Ed Helms, Casey Wilson, Rob Corddry, a special appearance by Creed, and many more.
  4. department of ah-mah-zing
    Casey Wilson: How I Met Your Mother Finale GuestAlso, Key of Key and Peele.
  5. party chat
    Sundance: Casey Wilson Kind of Regrets Scripting Her Own Nude Scene“I needed an ass double, but we didn’t have the budget!”
  6. last night on late night
    Tracy Morgan the GrinchPlus: Adam Pally gave Casey Wilson an apology helmet for the concussion, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  7. New Movies from Tom Lennon & Ben Garant and Casey Wilson & June Raphael to […]The Sundance Film Festival announced its 2013 lineup this week, and two new comedies from noted comedy duos will be making their world […]
  8. Talking with ‘Happy Endings’ Stars Casey Wilson and Adam Pally about the […]Casey Wilson and Adam Pally are two of the funniest people in a cast full of funny people on ABC’s Happy Endings, which just kicked off its […]
  9. Watch the ‘Happy Endings’ Live Show Right Here Right Now Happy Endings is finally coming back to TV tomorrow, and to ring in the new season, the cast and writers held a live show at the UCB Theatre […]
  10. Paul Scheer and Casey Wilson Have Embarrassing Moments in Life, Just Like […] Vulture and the Upright Citizens Brigade have teamed up to create a new web series called “Pop Culture Memory Lane,” in which comedians share […]
  11. pop culture memory lane
    How Casey Wilson Kidnapped a Rent ActorIn this new co-production with the Upright Citizens Brigade, Wilson (and her animated self) remembers her near-kidnapping of a Rent understudy.
  12. pilots
    ABC Buys Casey Wilson Fifties-Set SitcomCalled The Housewives.
  13. June Diane Rapheal and Casey Wilson Sell Show to ABCThe Housewives is a sitcom about three female friends who are trying to reconcile their feminist beliefs with being a housewife. The show was […]
  14. casey wilson
    Watch Reggie Watts Duet With Casey WilsonThis needs to be on Happy Endings.
  15. Reggie Watts and Casey Wilson Duet a Delightful Ditty It’s a classic story of girl meets guy; girl sings a duet with guy, which reveals that the guy puts bugs in their soup; girl is scared of guy […]
  16. Casey Wilson Rubs Butts with Johnny Depp, Kind of The best friendable Casey Wilson followed Johnny Depp on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night. Besides Depp, Wilson, and her impressively shiny legs, […]
  17. Casey Wilson on Doing a Birthday Suit Birthday Dance With Whitney CummingsTonight on Happy Endings, Penny will celebrate her 31st birthday, but it’ll be hard for the character to top Casey Wilson’s 30th: For my […]
  18. chat room
    Casey Wilson on Happy Endings, the Kardashians, and Getting Topless With Whitney Cummings“Other people are courageous in acts of war, but I’m courageous in my love for the Kardashians.”
  19. exclusive
    Exclusive Happy Endings Clip: Watch the Gang Relive Penny’s Cursed Birthdays“That was the most hilarious near-death experience I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen Anthony Anderson play tennis.”
  20. Saturday Night’s Children: Casey Wilson (2008-2009)Saturday Night Live has been home to over a hundred cast members throughout the past 36 years. In our column Saturday Night’s Children, we […]
  21. casey wilson
    Watch Casey Wilson Be Charming, Hilarious on EllenSleepdancing? It’s real, and Casey Wilson enlightens you.
  22. vulture on set
    Let the Happy Endings Cast Serenade You With the Full House Theme SongHappy Endings returns tonight!
  23. vulture on set
    Happy Endings Confessions Part Two: The Naked, Grabby Cast PartiesLife of the party, these kids are.
  24. funny or die
    Visit Peggy Dvorak’s (Megan Mullally’s) Home for ActressesAubrey Plaza, Casey Wilson, Michaela Watkins, Lake Bell, Ellie Kemper, and Lizzy Caplan needed training, so they sought out Peggy Dvorak (Megan Mullally in an EXCELLENT wig).
  25. Megan Mullally Schools Aubrey Plaza, Lizzy Caplan, and Casey Wilson in […] Megan Mullally stars in this Funny or Die video as Peggy Dvorak, the gardening and NPR-listening guru who’s dedicated her life’s work to […]
  26. casey wilson
    Watch Casey Wilson Charm The Audience (And Host) Of Chelsea LatelyThe uh-mah-zing Happy Endings star charmed the Chelsea Lately crowd.
  27. vulture on set
    Watch the Happy Endings Cast Discuss Bad Pickup Lines, Sex in Bathrooms, and Drunk KaraokeThe gang tells all.
  28. Party Down’s Ryan Hansen Will Play Penny’s Paramour On Happy EndingsRyan Hansen from Party Down will guest star on Happy Endings this season when Penny attempts to make over his “successful but style-challenged” […]
  29. Megan Mullally And Casey Wilson Tear Up ‘Torn’ In Happy Endings Teaser Natalie Imbruglia is probably still lying naked on the floor, but this time it’s out of sheer humiliation after hearing Megan Mullally and […]
  30. clickables
    Watch Casey Wilson and Megan Mullally Sing Natalie Imbruglia’s ‘Torn’Mullally plays mom to Wilson on the next episode of ‘Happy Endings.’
  31. Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael Do the Walk Of Shame Over to ABC According to Deadline, Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael’s Walk of Shame is ambling over to ABC, also home to Wilson’s current show Happy […]
  32. tv
    ABC’s New Will Gluck Show Might Make You Feel a Lot Better About Your LifeOr a lot worse — it depends.
  33. The Ladies Of Ass Backward Beseech You Casey Wilson and comedy partner June Diane Raphael need you to give their asses some money. The comedy duo of SNL alum Wilson and Year One’s […]
  34. Happy Endings Recap: ‘Of Mice And Jazz Kwon Do’ and ‘Dave Of The Dead’These double episodes are messing me up, yall! God bless the efficient people at Hulu. In yesterday’s first episode “Of Mice and Jazz Kwon Do,” […]
  35. Women Be Marrying! Lizzy Caplan And Casey Wilson To Star In […] Will our lust for wedding-related humor ever be satiated? Or will an eternity of nuptial humor pour forever into the bouquet-shaped hollow in […]
  36. Happy Endings Review: Night of a Thousand ComebacksHappy Endings had its two-episode premiere last night, and the best, brightest sign that it’s shaping up to be a good show was how much better […]
  37. the industry
    Freida Pinto to Take On the GodsPlus: Jason Segel will be ‘Bad’ with Cameron Diaz.
  38. the industry
    Luke Wilson to Play Messy Slob on TVPlus: Stacy Keach! Casey Wilson! Jessica Walter!
  39. harsh
    Lorne’s Labor Day Surprise: Michaela Watkins and Casey Wilson Reportedly Fired From SNLWow!
  40. snl
    And We Will All Go Down Together: The SNL Season 34 FinaleClassic!
  41. charts
    SNL Season 34: By the NumbersWe know how much you love charts!
  42. vulture lists
    10 Top SNL Sketches From Season 34From Sarah Palin impressions to people jizzing in their pants, the most memorable moments from a seminal season.
  43. tube junkie
    SNL’s Casey Wilson Finally Gets Some Late-Night Airtime … On Jimmy Fallon’s ShowEven if Lorne doesn’t think she’s funny, Jimmy Fallon does!