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  1. music
    How Cash Money Records Changed Rap ForeverExploring the enduring legacy of Juvenile, B.G., Baby, Turk, Mannie Fresh, and a young Lil Wayne.
  2. lil wayne
    Lil Wayne Teases a New Project Called Funeral Is ‘Coming Soon’So, forget Tha Carter V then?
  3. lawsuits
    Lil Wayne’s Universal Suit Reportedly on HoldThe lawsuit has reportedly been stayed until Lil Wayne’s other lawsuit with Cash Money and Birdman is resolved.
  4. shit my dad says
    Lil Wayne Is Such a Dad Now“What the hell is ‘on fleek’?”
  5. theories
    Drake’s New Mixtape: An Escape From His Label?All signs point to yes. 
  6. music
    Lil Wayne Is Trying to Break Up With His Label on TwitterLet’s see if it works. 
  7. cash money
    Which Summer Tour Gives You the Most for Your Money?Concerts galore!
  8. new friends
    Austin Mahone Signed With Cash MoneyThat Bieber kid from the VMAs, remember?
  9. new friends
    Paris Hilton Really Did Sign With Cash MoneyBirdman says it’s true.
  10. cash money
    Lena Dunham Is at Least $3.5 Million RicherShe sold her book.
  11. cash money
    Lena Dunham’s Advice Is Now Worth $3.6 MillionAnd the bidding is still going.
  12. cash money
    The Time Javier Bardem Asked Sylvester Stallone for Acting AdviceActing advice. Sort of.
  13. cash money
    How Much Is TLC Paying Honey Boo Boo?Far less than what she and her family are worth, obviously.
  14. cash money
    Crystal the Monkey Is Absurdly RichWho knew being a monkey was so lucrative?
  15. cash money
    Tom Cruise Is This Year’s Highest Paid ActorWhich means Katie Holmes is about to be super rich!
  16. cash money
    Robert Downey Jr. to Bank $50 Million Off The AvengersOh hi, real-life Tony Stark mansion and actual Iron Man suit.
  17. cash money
    Joss Whedon Feeling Pretty Good About This Whole Avengers ThingHe’s still dedicated to his Dr. Horrible sequel.
  18. cash money
    Axing Luck Cost HBO $35 MillionOuch.
  19. cash money
    Pauly D Earns a Tremendous Amount of MoneyGood gracious.
  20. the industry
    Limp Bizkit Is Part of Cash Money NowReally.
  21. heroes
    Cash Money Records Will Save the Publishing Industry“Our books will also be sold at our concerts. When you’re out in front of 18,000 people, some will buy books, some not.”
  22. cash money
    Reality-TV Shows Pretty Much Pay Winners What They PromiseNot bad, if you have no shame.