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  1. cats the movie
    As a Reminder That This Movie Is Happening, Here’s Sir Ian McKellen Singing Cats“At the moment, I’m looking for the inner pussy.”
  2. icons
    We’re Thrilled to Inform You Sabrina’s Salem the Cat Is Red Carpet TrainedMe-ow!
  3. now and forever
    Oscar Winner Judi Dench to Play Deuteronomy in the Cats MovieBut she hasn’t always been a fan of the musical!
  4. bella thorne's 19 cats
    A Few Questions About Bella Thorne’s 19 CatsThis feels cursed, but okay.
  5. bella thorne's 19 cats
    Why Doesn’t Bella Thorne Instagram Her 19 Cats? What Is She Hiding?Her silence speaks volumes.
  6. bella thorne's 19 cats
    Can Bella Thorne Actually Name Each of Her 19 Cats?It’s just so many.
  7. bella thorne's 19 cats
    In Defense of Bella Thorne’s 19 CatsFrom one cat mom to another.
  8. casting
    Idris Elba in Talks to Join Cats, Which Would Make Him Taylor Swift’s Co-StarThis is fine.
  9. cat mom
    French Artist Commissions All-Star Album to Mourn Her Dead CatFeaturing Bono, Pharrell, the National, and more names you won’t believe.
  10. chilling adventures of sabrina
    Salem the Cat Isn’t Much of a Talker in Chilling Adventures of SabrinaThis guy won’t be confused with the wise-cracking cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
  11. party report
    Andrew Lloyd Webber Hasn’t Met Taylor Swift, But Likes That She’s a Cat PersonHe hints at who she’ll be playing in the Cats movie.
  12. movies
    Is Captain Marvel’s Cat Hiding in the Film’s First Poster?A brief investigation.
  13. movies
    Melissa McCarthy Correctly Suggests We Make an Oscar for CatsJust imagine the acceptance speech.
  14. they're... cats!
    Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, and James Corden Are Somehow in the Cats MovieIan McKellen will also appear in Tom Hooper’s film.
  15. last night on late night
    A Bunch of Disruptive Cats Nearly Ruined This SNL SketchTheir behavior was far from purrrfect.
  16. Unsatisfactory Past Life Regression Results, by Shana Gohd I’d like to begin by thanking you for choosing our Past Life Regression services over similar, albeit less-experienced, providers available. […]
  17. Letter of Recommendation, by Barbara Holm In my efforts to search for a new job, I’ve solicited a letter of recommendation from someone who knows me best. To Whom It May Concern, I […]
  18. Cats Broadway Revival Will Be But a Memory Come December 30After it closes, the musical will set out on a national tour.
  19. cats
    If Anything Can Make You Feel Better, It’s This Istanbul Street-Cat DocumentaryCeyda Torun says her new film Kedi is “a way to highlight our shared humanity.”
  20. roll clip!
    Watch a Truly Absurd Andrew Lloyd Webber Mash-upAll the Andrew Lloyd Webber shows on Broadway united into one.
  21. last night on late night
    Eddie Redmayne Cringe-Watches His Kid Self Sing“I didn’t really have any friends.”
  22. move over hamilton
    Grumpy Cat Made Her Broadway Debut Last NightA star is bored!
  23. feline casting call
    Grumpy Cat Is Joining the Cast of CatsLil Bub was robbed.
  24. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert and Sutton Foster Parody CatsNow with songs about vomit!
  25. sequential art
    Look at These Adorable Cats in Superhero CosplayKitty Ninjak is your new god.
  26. theater review
    Theater Review: The Persistence of ‘Memory,’ and the Return of CatsI can haz Broadway revival?
  27. theater
    7 Former Cats Cast Members on Learning to Play FelineAndrew Lloyd Webber’s deathless crowd-pleaser is returning to Broadway.
  28. last night on late night
    Lizzy Caplan Wants Cred for Naming Cat Colbert The highest honor.
  29. the industry
    Leona Lewis to Play Grizabella in Cats RevivalShe’s inheriting the role from Nicole Scherzinger.
  30. musicals
    Meowwww, Tom Hooper Is Making Cats Into a MoviePurrfect.
  31. fatherhood
    What Keanu Gets Right (and Wrong) About Being a Cat DadWe’re finally visible.
  32. roll clip!
    The All-Cat Trailer for Keanu Is Purrrrfect, Of CourseSuck it, Meow Mix commercials.
  33. Mike Birbiglia Teaches Stephen Colbert How to Acclimate Indoor CatsMike Birbiglia stopped by last night’s Late Show to promote his new one-man show Thank God For Jokes, and while telling Colbert about his […]
  34. revivals
    Cats Is Coming Back to Broadway, Meow Meow Meow!Cats will no longer be just a memory.
  35. cats
    You Missed Your Chance to Adopt This Cat That Looks Just Like Adam DriverCorey the cat has found a home, and it’s not Starkiller Base.
  36. Key and Peele’s First Film ‘Keanu’ Will Be About a Kidnapped CatFrom a Police Academy reboot to a Substitute Teacher movie to a collaboration with Judd Apatow, Comedy Central stars Keegan-Michael Key and […]
  37. clickables
    See a Cat Dressed Up As Breaking Bad’s Walter WhiteJust imagine his little kitty-cat RV cooking kitty meth in the kitty desert!
  38. cat videos
    And Now, a Fat Cat Who Can’t Escape the BathtubCharmingly chunky!
  39. Watch an In-Depth Interview With Grumpy CatTard really opens up here.
  40. Watch a Cat Reenact the Prodigy’s ‘Smack My B-tch Up’Cat misses the nineties.
  41. cats
    All This Cat Wants Is to Be a D.J., and Is That So Wrong?Save Captain Cuddles!
  42. Can You Spot the Cat in This Weather Report?See it?
  43. lil b
    Lil B’s Cat, Keke, Is a Performer, TooCat People: 1. Dog People: 0.
  44. Cats Go SkydivingIt’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a cat?!
  45. Which Is Cuter: A Pug With a Prosthetic Leg or Kittens Learning Physics?Choose wisely.
  46. cosplay
    Cat Sticks His Face Through Cardboard, and It’s ArtAnime goes ani-meow!
  47. seven psychopaths
    Will ‘Seven Psychocats’ Get You to See Seven Psychopaths?Just add cats.
  48. cat videos
    Watch a Cat Sing the Star Wars ThemeWatch your back, Game of Thrones cat.
  49. cats
    Meet a Cat Who Sits UprightWhat’s on your mind, little guy?
  50. cats
    Meet the Cat Who Sings Collective SoulThis cat’s got rhythm!
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