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Celebrities Read Mean Tweets

  1. last night on late night
    The Person Who Wrote a Mean Tweet About Dolly Parton Should Be AshamedYou cannot tell a better Dolly joke than Dolly can.
  2. dvd-related scrotal injuries
    Poor Hugh Grant Can’t Take a Mean TweetOn Jimmy Kimmel Live!
  3. he tweeted she tweeted
    How Mean Tweeters Responded to the MusiciansThis time, it was the musicians’ turns.
  4. last night on late night
    Watch Lena Dunham, Chris Pratt Read Mean TweetsFeaturing a guest appearance by John Stamos’s belly button.
  5. celebrities read mean tweets
    Which Celebrities Asked to Read Meaner Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live?Emma Stone:  “I want to read as many mean tweets as you can find about me.” 
  6. How the Mean Tweeters Responded to the CelebsWhat happens when you acknowledge the troll? They love it!
  7. celebrities read mean tweets
    Celebrities Continue to Read Mean Tweets About Themselves on KimmelThe popular segment returns.
  8. celebrities read mean tweets
    Watch Even More Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About ThemselvesBoy, someone really hates Selena Gomez.