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  1. the stormy daniels interview
    Stormy Daniels Alleges Trump Tried to Entice Her With Celebrity Apprentice Gig“That’s why I want you. You’re gonna shock a lot of people,” Daniels says Trump told her about her potential involvement with his NBC show.
  2. friendly advice
    Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger Tell a Trump Bobblehead How to Condemn Neo-NazisFriendly advice from one Celebrity Apprentice host to a bobblehead version of another.
  3. Arnold Schwarzenegger Quits Celebrity Apprentice, Citing Trump’s ‘Baggage’He blames Trump for ratings.
  4. boy bye
    Tyra Banks and Jessica Alba Pull Brands From Celebrity Apprentice Over TrumpSome Tyra Mail for you, President Trump.
  5. i say a little prayer for you
    Trump and Schwarzenegger Are Still Sparring Over Apprentice RatingsArnold Schwarzenegger fired back after the president joked about praying for Apprentice ratings at the National Prayer Breakfast.
  6. ratings
    Trump-less Celebrity Apprentice Ratings Hit LowDonald J. Trump’s first TV project as president-elect of the United States got off to a decidedly unspectacular start Monday.
  7. tv review
    Apprentice Is Part of Our Landscape of WeirdnessThe fact that the almost-president is a continuing financial partner on this show neutralizes any fine-grained criticism I might have to offer here.
  8. hasta la vista
    Schwarzenegger’s Apprentice Catchphrase Is Here No, unfortunately he does not say, “I’ll be back, but you won’t.”
  9. trump tapes
    ‘Watergate Level Journalists’ Have Trump TapesThe “Tom Arnold meets leaked Celebrity Apprentice tapes” saga continues.
  10. reality tv
    Schwarzenegger Shrugs Off Trump Apprentice RoleMeanwhile, Mark Burnett did not attend a “packed Q&A.”
  11. celebrity apprentice
    Trump Keeps His Celebrity Apprentice EP Credit The show returns with new host Arnold Schwarzenegger in January.
  12. emmys
    The Emmys to Trump: Our Awards Aren’t RiggedHere’s a chart to prove it!
  13. turn down for nope
    Lil Jon Responds to Trump’s ‘Uncle Tom’ CommentThe rapper was wearing an Uncle Sam costume at the time.
  14. trump tape
    Marlee Matlin on Trump’s Alleged Mockery“I have a voice. And I’m using that voice to make myself heard.”
  15. staggering hypocrisy
    Trump Fired Apprentice Over ‘Locker Room’ Talk “It’s a little bit gross, right? Isn’t it sort of gross?”
  16. republican national convention
    Trump Taps Apprentice Star Omarosa for New Job “You’re hired.”
  17. last night on late night
    Conan Has Some New Catchphrase Ideas for ArnoldOkay good.
  18. you’re fired
    Celebrity Apprentice Will Live, Sans TrumpThe Donald is forever fired. But wait — he claims he was never fired.
  19. bill cosby
    Celebrity Apprentice Had Creepy Cosby MomentsWhat were the producers thinking?
  20. casting couch
    Celebrity Apprentice Cast Marginally Less Crazy This YearGo nuts, Clay Aiken.
  21. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Will Ferrell Threatens via Webcam to Shave Conan’s BeardPlus, Meatloaf cites the influences from film and sports that inspired the anti-Busey meltdown, on our regular late-night roundup.
  22. ratings
    Secret Millionaire Scores for ABCFox probably regrets dumping the reality show now.