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Celebrity Divorce

  1. celebrity divorce
    Guess How Much It Costs to Raise Suri Cruise?Tiny high heels are not cheap.
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    An Inquiry Into the Very Public Private Marriage of Katie Holmes and Tom CruiseAn inquiry into the very public private marriage of Holmes and Tom Cruise.
  3. celebrity divorce
    Russell Brand Continues to Be Surprisingly Classy About His Divorce“She’ll read it and she’ll be sad and I don’t want that.”
  4. celebrity divorce
    Tom Cruise Is Paying Child Support, But That’s ItNo payout for Katie, says TMZ.
  5. celebrity divorce
    Katie Holmes Gets ‘Primary Custody’ of Suri [UPDATE]Says the AP.
  6. celebrity divorce
    Katie Holmes Gives Her First Post-Split Interview at Whole FoodsAt Whole Foods.
  7. celebrity divorce
    There Are Rumors of a Scientology Stakeout Outside Katie Holmes’s BuildingThen who was in that white Escalade?
  8. celebrity divorce
    Katie Holmes Broke Up With Tom Cruise Over ScientologyAnother non-surprise.
  9. celebrity divorce
    Ryan Reynolds Is Having a Bad MonthHe is officially no longer married to Scarlett Johansson.