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Celebrity Do Gooders

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    Conor Oberst So Worked Up About Anti-Immigration Laws He’s Resurrecting Obscure Side Projects in ProtestDesaparecidos, anyone?
  2. celebrity do-gooders
    Conor Oberst Pretty Worked Up About Arizona’s Immigration Law“They want them stripped of their basic human rights and reduced to slaves for Corporate America and the White Race. They are engaged in blatant class warfare. It is evil, pure and simple.”
  3. celebrity do-gooders
    Now Boycotting Arizona: Sonic Youth, Rage Against the Machine, Conor Oberst …“If other states follow the direction of the Arizona government, we could be headed towards a pre–civil rights era reality.”
  4. celebrity do-gooders
    With Arizona’s Immigration Law Roiling the Country, Shakira Heads to Phoenix“She is coming to Arizona to try to learn more about how law enforcement is reacting to this new law and how we can ensure that people in the state of Arizona are not being targeted because of the color of their skin.”