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Celebrity Friendships

  1. oscars 2018
    Keegan-Michael Key Was Jordan Peele’s Biggest Stan on Oscar NightEverything is fine until they lock eyes.
  2. celebrity friendships
    Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence Raise Awareness for Runaway Pet TurtlesThey also have quite the story about sharing the same “stalker.”
  3. celebrity friendships
    Watch The Florida Project’s Brooklynn Prince Explain Star Wars to Daisy RidleyThe Florida Project star cannot stress enough how long Star Wars has been around.
  4. James Corden and Anna Wintour’s Unexpected Friendship: A TimelineFrom the runway to the The Late Late Show, Corden and Wintour are basically BFFs.
  5. celebrity friendships
    Todrick Hall Defends Taylor Swift’s Silence on Trump and the ElectionHe also gets in a dig at Kanye.
  6. celebrity friendships
    Robert Pattinson Used to Live With Screech, and He Misses Those Good Old DaysAt home with Rob ‘n’ Screech.
  7. vulture lists
    Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts’s Quarter-Century-Long Best Friendship: A TimelineThese two Aussies go way back.
  8. metal men
    Robert Downey Jr. and Rami Malek Are Good Buds“I just told them how close we were and that we hang out, we celebrate holidays together, we watch movies together, all of which is true!”
  9. bffs
    Kristen Stewart and Julianne Moore are the BFFs You Never Knew You WantedMove over, Amy and Jennifer.
  10. celebrity friendships
    Jennifer Lawrence’s BFF Discusses Amy SchumerShe was not happy about those Jet Ski photos.
  11. chris pratt
    Jennifer Lawrence Has Delightful Ways of Describing Chris PrattTwo super-likable people continue to be likable.
  12. celebrity friendships
    Amy Schumer ‘Needs’ Her Friendship With J. LawIt’s a love story, baby, just say yes.
  13. celebrity friendships
    J.Law and Schumer Got Silly With Pratt and AzizSuper best friends!
  14. Amy Schumer and J.Law Jet Skied Together#Maniac.
  15. celebrity friendships
    James Franco’s Infatuation With Lana Del Rey Has Reached Its Scrapbook PhaseIt’s called Flip-Side: Real and Imaginary Conversations With Lana Del Rey.