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Celebrity Impersonators

  1. celebrity impersonators
    Sir Patrick Stewart Finally Acknowledges That Kellyanne Conway Is His ‘Twinsie’All Professor X needs is a wig.
  2. celebrity impersonators
    Alec Baldwin to Host SNL for 17th Time Alternative fact: Alec Baldwin has never hosted SNL.
  3. celebrity impersonators
    Watch Ariana Grande As Judy Garland on SNLIt’s a wheel of impressions.
  4. imposters
    A Bradley Cooper Imposter Crashed Sundance PartyIf you hung out with “Bradley Cooper” on Saturday, we have some bad news.
  5. angelina jolie
    Meet Angelina Jolie’s DoppelgängerSo that’s not Angelina Jolie sitting down for an awkward interview? Because we feel like we’ve seen this before …
  6. movies
    One Man Wonders, ‘What If Willy Wonka Starred Christopher Walken and Jack Nicholson?’Brandon Hardesty takes celebrity impersonation to another level.