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Celebrity Jeopardy

  1. classics
    The History of SNL’s Celebrity Jeopardy“I’ll take Funny for $500, Alex.”
  2. snl
    Read Norm Macdonald’s Fascinating Recap of ‘Celebrity Jeopardy’ and SNL40“It was about the hope of one man, Alex Trebek, the hope that never died.”
  3. ‘SNL 40’ Review: The Stars Come Home After 40 years, Saturday Night Live may be the only remaining “watercooler comedy” that everyone still has something to say about. Whether […]
  4. snl 40
    SNL Spoofed Bill Cosby on Celebrity Jeopardy“We filmed that in June.”
  5. Roman Polanski’s Upcoming Movie Facing Four Years to a Lifetime of IncompletenessHis agent says Polanski was still several months away from completing ‘The Ghost.’
  6. Could Roman Polanski Get Bail?That hardly seems like a good idea after what happened last time — but maybe!
  7. brainiacs
    Get Psyched for Yet Another Round of Celebrity Jeopardy!Andy Richter! Kareem Abdul-Jabbar! Pat Sajak?!?