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Cell Phones

  1. shrekpilled
    Does Al Pacino Have a Shrek Phone Case?Oscar-winning actors are like onions. Onions have layers.
  2. auteur theory
    The First Rule of a Tarantino Film Set? No Cell Phones on a Tarantino Film Set.“Cell phone out? Done. No warning, nothing, you’re going home.”
  3. it’s science
    Dave Chappelle Plans for Cell-Phone-Free ShowsThe plan involves little science pouches. 
  4. Jokes To Go: A Guide to Mobile ComedyBetween the rise of Twitter, Tumblr, podcasts, and web videos, it’s no secret that mobile comedy is quickly becoming the next big thing. While […]
  5. ringtones
    Hear Classic Ringtones Played by an OrchestraNow we miss our Nokia!
  6. clickables
    Check Out Lenny Kravitz’s Fancy Cell PhoneIt’s the new cool thing.
  7. announcements
    Vulture Now Available for Your Mobile PleasureAdddicted to our blather? Awesome! We’ve got a new tool to help enable you!