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  1. method makeup-ing
    Hollywood, It’s Okay to Cast Old Actors As Old PeopleOld-age makeup and digital de-aging mean more actors are playing characters wildly different from their real ages.
  2. Every Star Wars Prequel CGI Character, Ranked From Tolerable to InexcusableFrom Jar Jar to Sebulba.
  3. do robots dream of cgi versions of famous actresses from the 80s
    Male Stars Get to Age. Women Get CGI Re-creations of Their Younger Selves.Male actors get to reprise their famous roles again and again, while women must be content to see their hottest selves frozen in digital amber.
  4. oscar bait
    Give Emma Watson an Oscar for Keeping a Straight Face in Beauty and the BeastIt takes extraordinary talent not to laugh.
  5. backstories
    That Crazy Kitchen Explosion in Legion? It Wasn’t CGI.It was all practical effects.
  6. doctor strange
    What Inspired Doctor Strange’s Visual Effects?Visual-effects supervisor Stephane Ceretti explains.
  7. doctor strange
    Doctor Strange Has the Most Inventive CGI of the Modern Superhero EraWe’ve grown bored. This wakes us up.
  8. The Walking Dead’s Khary Payton on King Ezekiel“He doesn’t cope like everybody else, but that doesn’t mean it’s a fantasy.”
  9. Here Are 7 of the Most Awful CGI Moments in Movie HistoryOh, that Scorpion King.
  10. obits
    Movie-Theater Roller Coaster Animator John McLaughin Dead at 46He also worked on Shark Tale, Over the Hedge, and the Kung Fu Panda films.
  11. boardwalk empire
    See What Boardwalk Empire Looks Like With (and Without) Special EffectsSo Boardwalk Empire wasn’t filmed in the roaring twenties?
  12. movies
    Woody Woodpecker Feature Film in DevelopmentMakers of Despicable Me and The Lorax behind project.
  13. music
    Watch a CGI Reenactment of Justin Bieber’s Life and Struggles OnlineLet us take a moment of silence to remember the time Bieber went to an STD clinic.
  14. werewolves
    New Moon Director Promises That Werewolf CGI Isn’t As Crappy As It Seems“We’re still tweaking them to the last possible day,” explains Chris Weitz.