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Chaka Khan

  1. respect the classics
    Foo Fighters, Dionne Warwick, and Jay-Z Lead 2021 Rock Hall of Fame NominationsWomen especially rule this year’s contenders.
  2. roll clip!
    Please Enjoy This Very Close But Very Incorrect Jeopardy! AnswerChaka Khan was not a 19th century Zulu warrior.
  3. the week in rap
    Bad Bunny and J Balvin Are Even More Exciting TogetherOn Oasis, two of urbano’s titans lure or outright shove one another into new, interesting corners.
  4. aretha franklin
    Chaka Khan Sang at Aretha Franklin’s Funeral With A Little Help From Her FanKhan is every woman, but that doesn’t mean she has to know every lyric!
  5. tributes
    Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan Pay Tribute to PrinceElsewhere, Jessie J replaced Christina Aguilera.
  6. rehabilitation
    Inspired by Prince, Chaka Khan Enters RehabHer sister will enter rehab with her.
  7. chaka khan
    See How Good Chaka Khan Looks These DaysWe’ll have what she’s having.
  8. chaka khan
    Listen to a Really Good Radio Documentary About Chaka KhanWe feel for you, Chaka Khan. We think we love you.
  9. music
    Chaka Khan: Why Did Clive Davis Party After Whitney Houston Died?“I thought that was complete insanity.”
  10. estelle
    Watch Estelle’s New Video for the Very Sade-Like ‘Thank You’If it walks and talks like Sade … it might be Estelle.
  11. out on the weekend
    This Weekend’s Concerts, From Britney Spears to Chaka Khan Plus: Jamie Foxx, Jill Scott, Beach Fossils …
  12. quote machine
    Guillermo Del Toro Has a Richer-Than-Usual Fantasy LifePlus quotes from Alan Rickman, Jake Kasdan, and Chaka Khan.
  13. the industry
    The Cast of ‘State of Play’ Is Getting RidiculousPlus industry news on Jennifer Aniston, Kevin James, and CHAKA KHAN!
  14. the industry
    Jessica Biel Books a Seat on the Invisible JetPlus industry news on Kevin Spacey, Clint Eastwood, and Matt Damon.