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Channel Orange

  1. you can’t always get what you want
    Maybe Frank Ocean’s Trying to Teach Us SomethingDo you listen to his lyrics or just skim through them?
  2. dabbling
    Frank Ocean Might Just Write a Novel Next TimeHe’s talking about dabbling.
  3. Frank Ocean Is Happy When He Wakes Up in the Morning More on his much-discussed Tumblr coming-out. 
  4. thinkin bout frank
    Your Frank Ocean Digest: Bonus Track, Expected Sales, Target Controversy …100K, just on iTunes.
  5. clickables
    Hear a Frank Ocean Song With Tyler, the Creator“Golden Girl.”
  6. debuts
    Frank Ocean Played Fallon Last Night, TooAnd it was great.
  7. bright and early
    You Can Buy Frank Ocean’s Debut Album Now, a Week EarlyChannel Orange just showed up on iTunes.