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  1. very good q&a
    The Suicide Squad’s David Dastmalchian Has Won the Character-Actor LotteryWith a breakout turn in The Suicide Squad and Dune on the horizon, the 44-year-old actor is finding that the roles are now coming to him.
  2. in conversation
    Mads Mikkelsen Takes Everything and Nothing SeriouslyIt’s always like, “Here’s your cola, Master Mads,” or “Get your fucking Coke, and get out of my shop.” There’s no neutral Coca-Cola anymore.
  3. chat room
    Younger’s Molly Bernard Had a ‘Noble Duty’ to Fill Diana’s Shoes This Season“I gotta say, I didn’t do any neck training, and I regretted it.”
  4. role call
    Tony Shalhoub Answers Every Question We Have About Spy KidsOn playing a redeemable villain, making a movie for his kids, and what it’s like to have four heads.
  5. role call
    Marcia Gay Harden Answers Every Question We Have About Her Pollock Oscars WinWithout a SAG or Golden Globe nomination, the actor’s win was a long shot. Twenty years later, she reminisces with Vulture about the night.
  6. close reads
    What Was the Asian American Character Actor?For way too long, supporting roles were both the ceiling and a devil’s bargain.
  7. role call
    Denis O’Hare Answers Every Question We Have About Being a Judge on The Good WifeIncluding how the honorable Judge Abernathy is like a messenger in a Greek Tragedy.
  8. profile
    Molly Gordon Didn’t Mean to Steal That SceneThe Shiva Baby co-star is thrilled to be a supporting player, but she’s got big theater-kid ambitions.
  9. role call
    Judy Reyes Answers Every Question We Have About Jane the VirginOn passing up “sassy” roles for powerful ones, not being the only Latinx person on set, and the sexed-up Netflix period piece she wants to join next.
  10. onward and upward
    Hollywood’s Six Pathways from Supporting Parts to StardomHow some of the most beloved character actors became some of the most beloved leads.
  11. hi
    Did This Video of Jennifer Coolidge Saying ‘Hi’ Save My Life? No. But … Maybe.It’s eight seconds of Coolidge perfection.
  12. vulture quiz
    Did This Character Actor Act As That Character?Put your deep-credits expertise to the test.
  13. role call
    Bianca Lawson Answers Every Question We Have About Pretty Little Liars“She’s in love with this other girl and that’s the truth.”
  14. ooh it’s them!
    The 32 Greatest Character Actors Working TodayWe asked critics and Hollywood creators: Which supporting players make everything better?
  15. profile
    Bill Camp and Elizabeth Marvel, the Character-Actor Power CoupleThey are two of the most in-demand performers working today. They are also really cute together.
  16. vulture lists
    22 Actors Who Were in Both The Crown and The Iron LadyA veritable feast of middle-aged British character actors.
  17. role call
    Muse Watson Answers Every Question We Have About I Know What You Did Last SummerThe career character actor on getting paid to scare the shit out of 1997’s hottest young actors and the chats he had with his “psychotic” villain.
  18. lesser known actors
    Because Everyone Asked, Here Are Chance the Rapper’s Favorite Character ActorsIt’s a refreshingly eclectic list that includes Michael K. Williams, Michael Shannon, and many more.
  19. backstories
    How One Actor Wound Up Playing Charles Manson in Mindhunter and Once Upon a TimeAustralian actor Damon Herriman capped off a whirlwind year of creeps by playing Charles Manson twice.
  20. marvel cinematic universe
    A Simple Quiz: Has This Actor Ever Appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?We’ll give you 30 actors. You tell us if they’ve been in a Marvel movie.
  21. environmentalism
    James Crowell Heckled NY Energy-Company EventThe actor was protesting a natural-gas plant under construction upstate.
  22. chat room
    Margo Martindale on Why People Think She Plays Evil Women“If I were a man, would you call me evil? No.”
  23. movies
    ‘That Guy!’: A Database of ‘That Guy!’ Character Actors From TV and FilmOh, it’s that guy!