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Charlie Barnett

  1. refresher course
    What to Remember Before Russian Doll Season TwoAs told through the show’s seven key relationships.
  2. character study
    How Alan Zaveri’s Humanity Became His Superpower in Russian DollCharlie Barnett used a character inspired by himself to reveal some deep truths about the nature of existence (and grow an exquisite mustache).
  3. quiverfull
    Russian Doll’s Charlie Barnett Is Joining the Arrow-verseBecause one show with multiple timelines just wasn’t enough.
  4. chat room
    Russian Doll’s Charlie Barnett Wants an All-Oatmeal Episode“I would love to see an episode devoted completely to Oatmeal, in which you see everything through his lens.”
  5. Here’s a Great Profile of Comedian Charlie Barnett Written When He Was […]Deadspin has an old profile of late, great comedian Charlie Barnett that was written when he was still. For those who don’t know Barnett, he […]
  6. Timing Is… Everything: The Story Of Charlie Barnett16 years ago last Friday, comedian Charlie Barnett’s life was cut tragically short, the ends to a drug and doubt-fueled means that had reduced […]