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  1. dystopias
    Charlie Brooker Delays Writing New Black Mirror Episodes for Humanity’s Sake“I don’t know what stomach there would be for stories about societies falling apart.”
  2. vulture lists
    Every Black Mirror Episode, RankedThe definitive ranking of all 23 episodes of Charlie Brooker’s sci-fi anthology series.
  3. behind the scenes
    Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Is Hard to Watch, But It Was Even Harder to Make“If we’d have known how difficult it was going to be, we might not have done it.”
  4. tech
    Bandersnatch Delayed Black Mirror Season 5, or Did You Choose the Wrong Ending?This would never happen at Tuckersoft.
  5. tv review
    A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Review of Black Mirror: BandersnatchEveryone’s talking about Black Mirror’s interactive movie. But is it any good? Hopscotch through this review to find out.
  6. tech
    Netflix Had to Create Ridiculously Complex Software for BandersnatchStefan would’ve gone crazy.
  7. spoilers
    All the Black Mirror Easter Eggs Hidden in BandersnatchCan you spot every Black Mirror reference in this interactive episode?
  8. book excerpt
    The Oral History of ‘San Junipero’How Black Mirror made its most hopeful story, as told by its creators and stars.
  9. exclusive
    Charlie Brooker Confirms Black Mirror Shared Universe in Behind-the-Scenes VideoWatch a behind-the-scenes featurette on the latest season.
  10. close reads
    Why Black Mirror’s Digital Prisons Are So HauntingIt’s one of the most subversive arguments for prison reform that TV has ever seen.
  11. Why Is Black Mirror So Divisive This Season?The Black Mirror debate feels bigger than ever.
  12. The Black Mirror Creator Has an Idea for a Much Nicer Version of The MatrixThis would definitely make Neo’s world more bearable …
  13. vulture lists
    Every Major Easter Egg in Black Mirror Season FourCharlie Brooker and the Black Mirror team hid dozens of references in the new season.
  14. The Makers of TV’s Darkest Show Are Actually ComediansBlack Mirror is finally getting a funny episode next season.
  15. The Making of Black Mirror’s Retro ‘USS Callister’The standout episode is inspired by Star Trek, and it even gets its own “J.J. Abrams–style” reboot.
  16. Black Mirror’s New Season Is a Little Light, Until It Gets Darker Than EverExcept for a strong episode directed by Jodie Foster, the season is too gratuitous and too gimmicky.
  17. trailer mix
    Black Mirror Season-4 Trailer Recruits Jesse Plemons, Michaela Coel, and MoreThe future is coming faster than you expected.
  18. vulture festival 2017
    Charlie Brooker Reveals the ‘San Junipero’ Scene That Was Too Sad to Air“We realized that’d just be too sad.”
  19. vulture festival 2017
    Charlie Brooker Has an Idea for a Very Trump-y Black Mirror SequelThe pig, part two.
  20. alternate reality
    Black Mirror’s Charlie Brooker Wanted to Do a Sitcom About Time-Traveling PunksIt would’ve been called God Save the Queen.
  21. cut scenes
    Black Mirror Creators Reveal Bleak Cut SceneGloomy, desolate spoiler alert.
  22. theories
    Is the Ending of Black Mirror’s ‘San Junipero’ Exactly As It Seems?What really happened with Kelly and Yorkie?
  23. chats
    Black Mirror’s Charlie Brooker Avoids Watching All Sci-FiStop asking him if he’s watched Her.
  24. Charlie Brooker on Trump and and the Internet“We’re all helplessly spiraling into corners and bellowing at each other. I miss everything being boring.”
  25. annotations
    105 Things That Influenced Black MirrorWatching the show can be a dizzying experience, but it’s not without its forebears, and Brooker is keen to share them.
  26. tca 2016
    Black Mirror Season 3 Won’t Be a ‘Bleakfest’But creator Charlie Brooker hopes it will maintain the “unpleasantness the show seems to have become known for.”
  27. the industry
    Black Mirror Season 3 Is Coming to Netflix: Watch Out, Prime Ministers!Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones remain at the helm.
  28. black mirror
    Watch a Tease of Jon Hamm in Black MirrorJon Hamm gets dark(er). 
  29. streaming
    A Post-Viewing Guide to the World of Black MirrorHere’s what to talk about when you’re done watching.