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  1. casting
    Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen in Scary Movie 5An easy, incident-free production is assured.
  2. season renewals
    FX Renews Louie, Hints It’ll Re-up Charlie SheenIs also close to a deal to bring back Wilfred.
  3. last night on late night
    Aaron Paul, More Pressured to Win Second EmmyPlus: Mike Tyson realized he needed voice lessons when Siri couldn’t understand him, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  4. last night on late night
    Charlie Sheen on Twitter, American Idol RumorsPlus: Bryan Cranston shared the death threats we would’ve heard from Walter White had we taken up Aaron Paul’s tweet, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  5. interventions
    Clint Eastwood Was a Part of Charlie Sheen’s InterventionSure, why not?
  6. triumphant comebacks
    Ratings Dip for Charlie Sheen’s Anger ManagementThey’re down 38 percent.
  7. ratings
    Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management Gets Record RatingsOf course it did.
  8. the industry
    FX’s Five Rules of Comedy, and How to Explain Anger ManagementPresident John Landgraf explains how Charlie Sheen fits into the world of Louie and It’s Always Sunny.
  9. Charlie Sheen’s Appearance on ‘Fallon’ Was Quite the Personality Contrast There is nothing like doing an impression in the face of the original person. Especially, when that person is crazy. In reality, Sheen was […]
  10. last night on late night
    Charlie Sheen, Not ‘Winning’ in Cage BaseballPlus: Emma Stone’s answer to world peace has been under, or rather on, our noses this whole time, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  11. To Profile Charlie Sheen, ‘Newsweek’ Sent in a War CorrespondentNewsweek knew that they needed someone pretty tough to go profile Charlie Sheen, so they skipped the standard roster of entertainment reporters […]
  12. casting couch
    Charlie Sheen Is Machete Kills’ PresidentRobert Rodriguez tweeted a photo of them on set.
  13. sunday reads
    Sunday Reads: Sheen, Movie Dialogue, and HolmesAnother excuse to stay indoors.
  14. Charlie Sheen Is Somewhat Looking Forward to Shooting 100 Episodes of […]Anger Management was given 10 episodes by FX and if it hits a certain ratings number, they’ll get 90 more that will be shot within the next two […]
  15. legacies
    Charlie Sheen Says His New Show Is a ‘Swan Song’Even though no one really believes him.
  16. fearless personal inventories
    Charlie Sheen Would Like to Retract His Claims of ‘Winning’“I was in total denial.”
  17. ‘Anger Management’ and Charlie Sheen’s Managed Anger Last year, Charlie Sheen’s professional and personal meltdown quickly went from comical to cause for serious concern, though probably not […]
  18. Charlie Sheen’s ‘Anger Management’ Looks Super Subtle in its First Teaser […]The first teaser trailer for Charlie Sheen’s new FX show, Anger Management, is here. In it, Charlie causes a literal trainwreck. Get it??
  19. Summer Comedy Preview: TVCharlie Sheen is finally coming back to TV everyone!!!! Splitsider readers will no doubt be dancing in the streets when the Two and a Half Men […]
  20. anger management
    Let Charlie Sheen Take You on a Tour of His New Show, Anger ManagementYou know what? We’re good from back here!
  21. charlie sheen
    See Charlie Sheen in a Dutch Beer CommercialMake that money! It’s never enough!
  22. anger management
    See Charlie Sheen in a Teaser for Anger ManagementIs this what #winning looks like?
  23. charlie sheen
    Watch Jimmy Fallon and Charlie Sheen Spoof a Cologne Commercial (Again)It’s called “Clone.”
  24. ghosts
    Kathy Bates to Guest-Star As Charlie’s Ghost on Two and a Half MenSheen’s television afterlife takes an unexpected turn.
  25. brand management
    Seitz: Charlie Sheen Has Car Companies Advertising for Him NowIf you look at the arc of his life and work with a coldly scientific, showbiz-historical eye, it’s amazing, maybe unprecedented.
  26. charlie sheen
    Watch Charlie Sheen’s Fiat CommercialCool mullet, Charlie Sheen! Please don’t die!
  27. Watch Charlie Sheen Reenact Platoon in a DirecTV Ad Naturally, he’s also soaking lecherously in a Turkish bath.
  28. Trade Roundup: Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg, Charlie SheenKristen Wiig is set to star in a new action-comedy script from Oscar winners Nat Faxon and Jim Rash. Action? Comedy? Kristen Wiig? Dean Pelton? […]
  29. casting couch
    Brett Butler Joins Charlie Sheen’s New Sitcom, Forms Anti-Chuck Lorre SuperteamWe assume Roseanne will be signing on next.
  30. FX Is Putting A Lot of Eggs in the June 28 BasketLouie, Wilfred, Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management, and Russell Brand’s Strangely Uplifting will all premiere on FX on the same day, June 28. […]
  31. beefs
    Charlie Sheen Is Tired of Pretending Ashton Kutcher ‘Doesn’t Suck’“I just feel bad for him. He’s saddled with such bad writing.”
  32. casting couch
    Selma Blair Cast in Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management SitcomShe’ll play his therapist and love interest.
  33. the celebrity economy
    How Much Can a Celebrity Make for Tweeting?Snoop Dogg can fetch $8,000 a tweet.
  34. Trade Roundup: Anger Management, White Van Man, Almost VacantShawnee Smith has joined the cast of Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management, which is mostly unsettling because it is a reminder that there is a show […]
  35. Charlie Sheen Returns to TV in June, Possibly For GoodCharlie Sheen’s new show Anger Management is premiering on FX in June, and Russell Brand’s late night series Strangely Uplifting will begin in […]
  36. sheeniac
    A Calm Charlie Sheen on His New Sitcom, His Old Sitcom, and Poop Jokes“We’re not going to do the obvious. We’re going to stay away from it.”
  37. Time It Took Charlie Sheen to Get a Million Twitter Followers, and Other TriviaTwenty-five hours and seventeen minutes, to be exact.
  38. beefs
    Chuck Lorre: ‘I Should Have Walked’ When Charlie Sheen Pulled a Knife“This was big-time cocaine.”
  39. Charlie Sheen Accidentally Tweeted His Phone Number to Justin Bieber, the WorldOops.
  40. the end (of the year)
    Vulture’s Bests and Worsts in this Year’s EntertainmentIn movies, TV, and pop, what were the most overrated and underrated projects? What was the instrument of the year? Who had the best moves?
  41. eureka
    How Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy Connect Every Single Buddy ComedyIf you trace a line of co-stars between them, you hit nearly every single buddy comedy alum of the past 50 years.
  42. Bill Murray Joins Not-Crazy-Enough Charlie Sheen MovieBill Murray will be part of Roman Coppola’s movie A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III, also starring Charlie Sheen and the “delirious […]
  43. brand strategy
    Why We’re Disappointed in FX for Picking Up the Charlie Sheen SitcomThe network has asked us to expect more.
  44. casting couch
    Bill Murray Joins Roman Coppola’s Charlie Sheen MoviePatricia Arquette and Mary Elizabeth Winstead have also been cast in ‘A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III.’
  45. Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management Punches Its Way onto FX I’m so excited that Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management is headed to FX, I could fire a dozen rounds into a bunch of couch cushions and begin […]
  46. sheeniac
    Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management Coming to FXHe’s back. This summer. Really.
  47. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Tom Selleck Whets His Perversions on Julianne Hough’s Daisy DukesPlus: Emilio Estevez confirms Charlie Sheen is “rocking,” but isn’t returning his texts just yet, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  48. making the sausage
    Polone: Why Stars Act Crazy (and Why People Like Me Share the Blame)“I’m as much of the problem as any of the other cogs in the machine — which is why I am able to keep working, I guess.”
  49. beefs
    Charlie Sheen Settles With Chuck Lorre and Warner Bros.Another proud chapter of Hollywood history comes to a close.
  50. sheeniac
    Sheen Roast Nearly Sets Comedy Central Ratings RecordBut a dude who plays with puppets is still No. 1.
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