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  1. surviving r. kelly
    After Scathing Documentary, R. Kelly Is Back on the ChartsGood to know edgelords still exist!
  2. Which TV Actors Get Paid the Most?Analyzing actors’ increasing salaries in the world of Peak TV.
  3. charts
    Sia Lands First No. 1 As ‘Cheap Thrills’ Unseats Drake in the Hot 100It’s the first chart-topper by a woman over 40 since Madonna’s “Music.”
  4. music
    Breaking Down Bob Dylan’s Longstanding Love of Cover SongsWhat he sings when he doesn’t sing his own songs.
  5. A Glimpse at What TV Shows People Are Watching, City by CityGod help us all, Entourage continues to be massively popular.
  6. charts
    The Politics of Michael Bay’s Supposedly Apolitical MoviesAn assessment of where his movies fall ideologically.
  7. charts
    Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ Swiftly Shakes to No. 1Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” is right behind.
  8. charts
    Everyone on Scandal Comes From Six Other PlacesYou’ve seen them before on The Good Wife, West Wing, and a very limited set of other shows.
  9. star trek
    See a Comprehensive Chart of Star Trek CharactersLive long and prosper, chart-makers.
  10. tv
    Downton Abridged: An Episode-by-Episode RecapIn anticipation of the season-three premiere on January 6,  here’s a summary of every eyebrow-raising moment on the show so far.
  11. clickables
    See a Graph of All Law & Order VerdictsIt’s guilty about 38 percent of the time.
  12. charts
    When TV Characters Should Kiss, in Chart FormSighs + Duets = Kissing, Nashville.
  13. charts
    ‘Gangnam Style’ Is the No. 2 Song in AmericaThat was fast.
  14. charts
    Pink Sold More Albums Than Carly Rae, Who Sold More Albums Than Grizzly BearAnd Cruel Summer is No. 2.
  15. charts
    ‘Gangnam Style’ Is Pretty Much a Lock for No. 1Psy is everywhere.
  16. charts
    Dave Matthews Band Is More Popular Than Bob DylanOn the charts, at least.
  17. charts
    No One Told Flo Rida That Summer Is Over“Whistle” is back at No. 1.
  18. charts
    Everyone Still Likes That Taylor Swift SongExcept for Jake Gyllenhaal, probably.
  19. charts
    2 Chainz Debuts at No. 1Congrats.
  20. charts
    Rick Ross Gets His Fourth No. 1Wings for everyone.
  21. charts
    Carly Rae Jepsen Has Two Songs in the Top 20 NowYes, she has another song.
  22. charts
    ‘Call Me Maybe’ Is Still No. 1Three weeks straight.
  23. charts
    We Graph the Likability of the Boys on GirlsAdam, you won us over.
  24. charts
    Usher Debuts at No. 1And people continue to buy Adele.
  25. charts
    And Adele Is Back at No. 1Why do you keep losing your 21 CD?
  26. charts
    There’s Still Hope for Carly Rae Jepsen’s No. 1Don’t give up. Never give up.
  27. charts
    See a Venn Diagram Connecting TV’s Police ProceduralsHow do the shows for the AARP set overlap with the shows where you just want the characters to kiss?
  28. charts
    ‘Call Me Maybe’ Is Still No. 2, John Mayer Debuts at No. 1You have some work to do, America.
  29. charts
    Nebraska Moms Like Fifty Shades the MostMississippi moms, too.
  30. charts
    Carly Rae Jepsen Has the No. 2 Song in AmericaWe are so close.
  31. call me maybe
    Carly Rae Jepsen Continues Her March to No. 1It’s happening!
  32. call me maybe
    Carly Rae Jepsen Is in the Billboard Top FiveGood work, America!
  33. charts
    See Vulture’s Map of the Comedy ZeitgeistAll roads lead to Judd Apatow. (And Ben Stiller.) (And Will Ferrell.)
  34. Chart Watch: Gotye Hangs On, With an Assist From James FrancoIt’s still No. 1.
  35. charts
    Gotye Finally Gets His No. 1Sorry, Fun.
  36. Lionel Richie Sold More Albums Than Adele Last WeekAdele is slipping.
  37. charts
    People Still Really Like That fun. SongIt’s No. 1, again.
  38. charts
    Nicki Minaj’s Roman Reloaded Debuts at No. 1And Madonna’s week was as bad as you’d heard.
  39. charts
    Outlook Not So Good for Madonna’s Second-Week SalesMDNA not selling so much anymore.
  40. charts
    Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’ Did Not Debut at No. 1It was No. 2.
  41. charts
    Game of Thrones, Broken Down Into Chart FormNaked body parts per episodes, Dothraki phrases ranked from “macho” to “benign”…
  42. sci-fi
    See a Poster That Tests Your Knowledge of Sci-Fi Movies LOL at “Z.”
  43. charts
    fun.’s ‘We Are Young’ Hits No. 1Now you know.
  44. charts
    Katy Perry Gets Her Seventh Career No. 1Breakup jams work.
  45. the industry
    As Predicted, Lana Del Rey Debuts at No. 277,000 albums sold.
  46. charts
    Early Projections Have Lana Del Rey’s Debut at No. 2Adele is still powerful.
  47. venn diagrams
    See a Venn Diagram Connecting Reality-TV ShowsSwamps. Weddings. “Wars.” See how it all connects.
  48. we found love
    Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’ Has Been No. 1 for 10 WeeksThat’s almost as many weeks as the amount of times she says “we found love in a hopeless place.”
  49. glory
    Blue Ivy Carter Already Breaking Chart RecordsShe’s the youngest person ever to appear on a Billboard chart.
  50. sweater game
    Drake’s Take Care Makes a Solid No. 1 DebutWith just under 650,000 copies sold.
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