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    The Bear’s Lionel Boyce Didn’t Bake Those Doughnuts, But He Did Glaze Them“I tried to make doughnuts, and boy, did I burn those. It’s not easy.”
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    P-Valley’s J. Alphonse Nicholson on Showing Lil Murda’s Tender Side“It was very selfless to comfort his friend, his ex-lover, his once-companion. I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything on TV like that before.”
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    Dan Nigro, Music’s Gen-Z Whisperer, Is Just Trying Not to Step on ToesThe producer on what he looks for in new artists, working with Olivia Rodrigo, and being Conan Gray’s “glorified editor.”
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    David Hyde Pierce Almost Missed His Julia MomentThe TV legend on playing opposite Sarah Lancashire and his ambivalence about that Frasier reboot.
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    Nayeon Worked on Her Solo EP During Twice’s Record-Breaking World TourThe K-pop singer on writing lyrics in planes and hotels, being the first soloist in her group, and running into Stray Kids’ Felix.
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    Paul Reiser Initially Turned Down His Role in The Boys“It was a little bit rough for me.”
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    Third Eye Blind and Taking Back Sunday Aren’t (Just) Here for NostalgiaIn their first conversation ever, current tourmates Stephan Jenkins and Adam Lazzara trade notes on legacies, live shows, and cashing checks.
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    The Below Deck Sailing Yacht Finale Was Really Hard for Daisy Kelliher to Watch“I could see that I was seriously contemplating. I just have so much relief in me that I went to bed.”
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    Melissa Beck Didn’t Want to Rewatch Real World: New Orleans Before Homecoming“I just went in there raw and understood that we were going to have to talk about the swamp thing.”
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    Yellowstone’s Kelly Reilly Says Beth Will Be at Her Most Powerful in Season Five“As the kingdom gets bigger, it becomes more difficult to manage.”
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    Anthony Carrigan Is Ready for NoHo Hank to Face the Consequences of His Actions“The toll that’s taken in getting there doesn’t go away.”
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    Drag Race’s Raja Was Honored to Get Booted on Fashion Photo RuView“It’s a dose of my own medicine.”
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    A Very Sunny Chat With Henry Winkler About Barry’s Very Dark FinalePlus, encountering Sinatra and hugging dogs on set.
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    Joseph Quinn Knows His Stranger Things Wig Was the Real Star of the SeasonInspired by another iconic Eddie.
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    An Interview With Jeremy Strong’s Huge Pinkie RingThe Succession actor’s favorite piece of jewelry tells all.
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    Stranger Things’ Jamie Campbell Bower Wants to Be Saved by a Kate Bush CoverThe actor spent seven hours in the makeup chair every day he played Vecna.
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    O-T Fagbenle on Recreating Obama’s Still Timely Sandy Hook SpeechThe First Lady actor shot his re-creation of the president’s tearful 2012 statement on the last day of production for the Showtime series.
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    Jinkx Monsoon Had Another Joke About the Dean Martin–Frank Sinatra SandwidgeAnd knew she wouldn’t win this week’s ball.
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    Laura Haddock Was Gently Hazed While Filming Downton Abbey: A New EraConfirmed: A certain Crawley is a “cheeky monkey.”
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    Steve Earle on No More Tribute Albums and His Complicated Nashville Legacy“There are a lot of people in Nashville that blame what they’re doing on me. Some complain I’m the reason the drums are too fucking loud.”
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    Patrick Fabian on Walking Into the Violent Half of Better Call Saul“It took my breath away on the page.”
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    Mod Sun Wrote Avril Lavigne Into His Movie Before They Started Dating“The whole idea of the moment was to be like, Is she ever gonna show up?
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    Conversation with Friends’ Jemima Kirke Knows Why Melissa Allowed Nick’s Affair“It’s impossible that she’s this selfless.”
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    Judd Apatow on Documenting the Legacy (and Fart Jokes) of George CarlinTalking with the filmmaker about his HBO docuseries on the legendary stand-up.
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    Touring With Olivia Rodrigo Is Great, But Holly Humberstone Is Still a Homebody“Taking a step away from it, I’m like, ‘Oh, I miss rubbish, dirty, gross, London!’”
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    Kevin Doyle Knows He ‘Won the Lottery’ With Downton Abbey: A New Era“Molesley is clearly a bright man, but he’d never been allowed to let his intellect and talent, for what it was, flourish.”
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    What Conversation With Friends’ Final Scene Means to Alison Oliver“I know people have such conflicted feelings.”
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    Filming Mr. Mayor Is Like Being ‘Shot From a Cannon’ for Vella LovellThe Crazy Ex-Girlfriend alum on finding her joke rhythm and the disarming charm of Ted Danson.
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    Gil Birmingham Does Not Recommend Running in Cowboy BootsOn exploring an insular Mormon community in Under the Banner of Heaven, Detective Taba’s stylish wardrobe choices, and bonding with Andrew Garfield.
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    Selling Sunset’s Chelsea Lazkani Is Brushing It All OffOkay, except the rubber bands. “Why would you do that to me?”
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    Moon Knight’s May Calamawy on Layla’s Future and Love of Marshmallows“I’m going to fight to tell a true story and a true woman, and what comes with it.”
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    Brittany Bradford Ate Coq au Vin 5 Days in a Row on the Set of Julia“At every opportunity, whether I was in the scene or not, I’d be like, ‘What are we making today?‘”
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    Fiona Glascott Brought Her Frasier Fandom to the Set of JuliaOn working with David Hyde Pierce, hearing Cheers stories from Bebe Neuwirth, and facing off against Judith Light.
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    Better Call Saul’s Michael Mando on Nacho’s ‘Story of Emancipation’“It has elements of Greek tragedy in it, and it has elements of Shakespeare. And it’s poetic, like Orpheus Descending.”
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    Willow Pill on Her Crotch-Face Look and the Taste of Victory“Pancakes and bacon.”
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    Lennon Parham Dishes on All Her Minx Make-Outs“She literally doesn’t have anything that’s just for herself, and this titillating world opens up to her.”
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    Stephanie Hsu on Singing ‘Barbie Girl’ With Michelle YeohThe Everything Everywhere All at Once star on what got cut, including a “Barbie Girl” sing-along, and Jenny Slate as a piece of macaroni.
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    Nothing Entertains Claudia O’Doherty Like a Really Bad LiarThe comedian talks Killing It, working with fake snakes, and how everyone’s always telling her “no” in Australian.
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    Justin Bartha Welcomes All Interpretations of Atlanta’s Reparations Episode“I tried to connect to every little notch on the journey, the tick, tick, tick of the time bomb of him having no choice but to face reality.”
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    Abbott Elementary’s Chris Perfetti Would Kick Jacob’s Ass at PokerThe sitcom newcomer did all his own “Desking” stunts too.
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    Polly Walker Won’t Let Lady Featherington Become Bridgerton’s ‘Old Fool’“I couldn’t have done that story line with her being an idiot.”
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    Severance’s Britt Lower on Helly’s ‘Worst Nightmare’“I have seen the enemy, and it is me.”
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    The Dropout’s Camryn Mi-young Kim on Capturing Whistleblower Erika Cheung“She’s watching when other people aren’t, asking questions when other people aren’t.”
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    Snowfall’s Amin Joseph Is Happy to See Jerome Saint Settle DownThe actor discusses his character’s dreams deferred and the fishnet tank tops that make him one of the most iconic uncles on TV.
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    Orville Peck on Horses, Masks, and Crying While Writing Music“I’m a horse girl too!”
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    Abbott Elementary’s Tyler James Williams Is Team Tariq“Gregory may have an issue with him; I personally think he’s a joy.”
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    Winning Time’s Solomon Hughes Found a ‘Power Move’ to Unlock Kareem Abdul-JabbarIt had nothing to do with basketball.
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    Don’t Worry, Atlanta’s Christopher Farrar Didn’t Have to Eat Raw Chicken“The chicken was actually done. They did some coloring and special effects to it.”
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    Jenna Ortega on Returning to You and Twisting the Good Christian Girl Trope in X“I think I’m most comfortable when I’m running and screaming for my life.”
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    Claudia Jessie Wouldn’t Mind Some Throuple Love in Bridgerton“Romance is important. But imagine if she just … had a boyfriend. Or a girlfriend. Or a partner.”
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