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  1. Kevin Nealon’s Web Series ‘Hiking with Kevin’ Is a Pure DelightDid you know that for the past few months, Kevin Nealon has been posting episodes of a very DIY web series on his YouTube channel called Hiking […]
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    Black Mirror’s Charlie Brooker Avoids Watching All Sci-FiStop asking him if he’s watched Her.
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    Adam Scott Discusses His Upcoming Movie About the Playdate From HellHe tells Vulture about The Overnight and teases his upcoming Vulture Fest event, the Greatest Panel in Television History.
  4. Bill Murray Discusses Baseball and BoozeThe elusive Bill Murray did a rare interview with Esquire out today, but unfortunately, it’s entirely focused on his love of baseball and vodka […]
  5. Watch Judd Apatow Talk About Editing ‘Vanity Fair’ in a New 24-Minute […] Last year, Judd Apatow guest-edited Vanity Fair’s comedy issue, and here’s a brand new 24-minute interview with Apatow about putting the issue […]
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    Ethan Hawke Liked His AMA So Much He Did AnotherThis time with Julie Delpy and Richard Linklater.
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    George Lucas Will Choke a Cat to Get You to Cry, and More Director Revelations“If you want me to make you feel something, that’s not hard. I’ll choke a kitten in front of you, and you’ll feel something,” said Lucas, according to David O. Russell.