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  1. cheat sheet
    The Grifters Have Come for Your TVFrom real-estate empires to sham blood-testing apparatuses, let’s separate the scum from the scammers.
  2. tl;dw
    12 Get Back Moments You Need to Know to Act Like You Watched the Whole ThingGet back … your time with this handy cheat sheet.
  3. cheat sheet
    Good Trouble 101: What to Know If You Didn’t Watch The FostersBefore the new spinoff debuts, get to know Callie, Mariana, and the other assorted Adams Fosters who may show up in Los Angeles.
  4. vulture guides
    How to Tell All the SoundCloud Rappers ApartFrom the face tattoos to the crimes to their confusingly similar names, we’ve got you covered.
  5. Oscars Cheat Sheet: What to Watch For at This Year’s CeremonyFun facts, stats, and trivia about the Academy Awards’ biggest categories.
  6. cheat sheet
    How to Fake Your Way Through Oscar SeasonSound smart without seeing the movies (or even reading blogs).
  7. cheat sheet
    New Novel The Imperfectionists Gets Excellent, Unsubstantiated ReviewWe try to substantiate it.