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  1. the toughest scene i wrote
    The Toughest Scene I Wrote: How Jon Favreau Saved Chef on the Last DayJohn Leguizamo pitched in, too.
  2. the vulture transcript
    Jon Favreau on Chef, Going Indie, Getting Older“I’m a 47-year-old dad who likes to eat … That’s different from the 27-year-old guy who’s out in Hollywood trying to get a girl’s number.”
  3. movie review
    Ebiri on Chef: A Comfort Movie About Comfort FoodIt’s hard not to read a teensy bit of self-reflection into Jon Favreau’s new movie.
  4. trailer mix
    Watch a Trailer for Jon Favreau’s ChefCo-starring Scarlett Johansson, Dustin Hoffman, and Robert Downey Jr.
  5. casting
    Favreau Welcomes Hoffman to Chef via VineHoffman’s joining Chef. They’re having fun.
  6. casting couch
    Scarlett Johansson Joins Jon Favreau’s ChefIron Man 2 reunion! 
  7. buddies
    Robert Downey Jr. Joins Jon Favreau’s ChefThe Iron Man pals shall reunite.
  8. actor directors
    Jon Favreau Looking to Direct and Star in Indie ChefAbout an emotional L.A. restaurateur.