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  1. welcome to the resistance
    The Chinese Government Is Still Feuding With Winnie the PoohPiglet has established a Vichy regime in the Hundred Acre Wood.
  2. fan bingbing
    Fan Bingbing Breaks Silence in Response to Government FinesThe actress posted on social media for the first time in months.
  3. legal trouble
    Fan Bingbing Fined by Chinese Government for Tax EvasionThe actress’s whereabouts are still unknown.
  4. movies
    Do You Know Where X-Men’s Fan Bingbing Is?Because, um, no one else seems to.
  5. china
    Christopher Robin Won’t Screen in China, Where Winnie the Pooh Is an OutlawPooh gets political.
  6. how movies are made now
    The Dos and Don’ts of Writing a Blockbuster for ChinaA Hollywood executive with expertise in the Chinese market outlines what works — and what doesn’t — in scripts that appeal overseas.
  7. bans
    Bad Boy Justin Bieber Banned From Performing in China for ‘Bad Behavior’Is it too late now to say 对不起?
  8. sequels
    A Dog’s Purpose Made So Much Money in China It’s Getting a SequelThe film’s advertising campaign targeted China’s dog-owning middle class.
  9. the industry
    Chinese Audiences Upset About 3-D Jason BourneChinese audiences are complaining about nausea after seeing the film.
  10. suicide squad
    Suicide Squad Might Not Make It to ChinaIt happened with Deadpool, too.
  11. the industry
    Lionsgate Making Chinese Now You See Me SpinoffShot in China with a mostly Chinese cast.
  12. coming to america
    A Chinese Company Might Buy Huge Paramount StakeBut Viacom’s internal legal squabbles might intercede.
  13. international film market
    Ghostbusters Has Been Denied Release in ChinaOfficial censorship guidelines, and general interest, are to blame.
  14. the industry
    BuzzFeed Is Making a Movie About Its ‘Brother Orange’ SagaIt’ll tell the story of the “accidental friendship” between an American blogger and a Chinese man.
  15. boycotts
    China Said to Ban Gaga After Dalai Lama MeetingA Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said the Dalai Lama’s appearances are a smoke screen “to promote his proposal for Tibetan independence.”
  16. superheroes
    The Russo Brothers Are Producing a Chinese Superhero FlickTentatively titled A Hero’s Awakening.
  17. the industry
    Chinese Theaters Will Get a Tax Break for Showing Chinese FilmsIn addition to the foreign-film quota.
  18. the industry
    Alfonso Cuarón Wants to Make a Movie in ChineseChina is the second largest market in the world. For now.
  19. coming to america
    China Just Made a Big Leap Into HollywoodChinese money can now dictate details of American blockbusters explicitly, not just on the consumer end.
  20. new releases
    The Hunger Games Coming to a (Chinese) Theater Near YouThe government has officially approved the film for a June release. 
  21. Chinese Movie Theaters to Screen Many More U.S. FilmsAfter Chinese veep’s U.S. visit.
  22. activism
    Chinese Government Says Christian Bale ‘Should Be Embarrassed’Batman vs. Chinese police, take two.
  23. music
    Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, the Backstreet Boys Deemed Threats to China’s ‘National Cultural Security’Chinese websites are now banned from distributing some of their songs.
  24. clickables
    Meet the Most Famous Male Cheerleader in ChinaReadyyy, okay!
  25. movies
    China Bans Time-Travel Movies“The producers and writers are treating the serious history in a frivolous way, which should by no means be encouraged anymore.”
  26. overnights
    Amazing Race Recap: Do It for the HoodPerhaps we should rename this show ‘The Not-So-Amazing Cab Races.’
  27. overnights
    Amazing Race Recap: I Am a Goat, I Am a TigerDid you go into this episode with PMA? We hope so.
  28. will smith
    Will Smith to Create ‘Crime-Fighting Female College Student’ for Fox… in China.
  29. Chinese Gossip Blogger Fights For Freedom To Post Celebrity Up-Skirt Photos New today from the Onion News Network, “Chinese Gossip Blogger Fights For Freedom To Post Celebrity Up-Skirt Photos.” Freedom is a beautiful […]
  30. the office china
    The Office: China Coming Soon!It seems to be a go for a Mandarin ‘Office.’
  31. music
    Watch the Chinese Army Perform Michael JacksonWait for the vocals to kick in.
  32. exports
    The Office: China Coming Soon?“How cool is that?” asks Ricky Gervais.
  33. gossip girlification
    Gossip Girl Heading to China?Spotted in Beijing!
  34. apologies
    Sorry, China: Killers Will Be One of the Only Hollywood Movies Available to You This YearHope you like Ashton Kutcher!
  35. music
    Watch a Taiwanese Boy’s Amazing Rendition of ‘I Will Always Love You’The secret to YouTube superstardom is looking chubby, but then being talented.
  36. avatar
    In China, ‘Avatar’ Cannot Be ContainedThis movie is unstoppable.
  37. avatar
    China Cancels Plans for Avatar MountainsA city in China is retreating from an earlier report on its own official website that it had renamed a local mountain peak the “Avatar Hallelujah Mountain.”
  38. avatar
    Pandora is Only 15 Hours AwayWell, it’s actually Zhangjiajie, China. But it’s as close as you’re getting.
  39. avatar
    Avatar Kills a Guy, Gets Pulled From Chinese TheatersChina is pulling the movie from 1,600 3-D screens. Also, says a doctor, it killed a guy.
  40. art candy
    General Tso’s ArmyUnlike most guys in New York, Edward Burtynsky isn’t just looking at China’s breakneck development to make a buck (or a billion). The photographer, subject of Manufacturing Landscapes, a new doc opening today at Film Forum, makes bizarrely beautiful, enormous photographs of China’s new industrial revolution.