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  1. chipotle
    Brittany Howard, Jim James Sing BSB for ChipotleIt’s like Up, but with burritos.
  2. cups
    Toni Morrison, George Saunders, and Michael Lewis Are Now Published by ChipotleOn cups.
  3. selling out
    Frank Ocean’s Chipotle Check Didn’t Actually Say ‘F*ck You’Or so says TMZ.
  4. beef
    Frank Ocean Told Chipotle to ‘Fuck Off’And paid them back his advance, after dropping out of an ad campaign.
  5. Rob Riggle Is a Huge A-Hole in a Halloween-Themed Ad for Chipotle, of All ThingsThis burrito looks scaaaaaary!
  6. Amy Sedaris and Paul Dinello Reunite in the Name of Chipotle Strangers With Candy is one of the greatest shows ever, so I am always happy to see a mini-reunion between a couple of the stars, be it on the […]
  7. clickables
    See Amy Sedaris’s Predictably Wacky Chipotle CommercialHot new Burrito fashions within.