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  1. blonde hair don't care
    Chloë Moretz’s Little Mermaid Will Be ‘Progressive,’ Also BlondeBlonde is the new progressive.
  2. in development
    Chloë Moretz Will Flip Her Fins in The Little MermaidSofia Coppola is out and Chloë Moretz is in!
  3. movie reviews
    If I Stay Won’t Give You All the FeelsBut the first half is sort of interesting.
  4. trailer mix
    Watch the Very Sad If I Stay Trailer Starring Chloë MoretzAbout a girl who has to decide whether to live or die.
  5. stage debuts
    Steven Soderbergh’s to Make Off-Broadway DebutChloë Moretz will star in The Library.
  6. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Chloë Grace Moretz Is Kick-ass With a Butterfly KnifeShe learned when she was a preteen.
  7. trailer mix
    Carrie Trailer: Trapped in the ClosetJulianne Moore will haunt us forever.
  8. casting couch
    Chloë Moretz Looks to Join Charlize Theron in Dark PlacesDoes every grim-sounding script land on her desk, or what?
  9. casting couch
    Anne Hathaway, Chloë Moretz in Talks for Lynn Shelton’s New MovieCalled Laggies.
  10. what just happened
    All the Crazy Sh*t Done by the Many, Many Stars of Movie 43Who had balls on his neck? Who crapped on his real-life wife?
  11. clickables
    See a Teaser for the Chloë Moretz Carrie RemakeShe’s just a girl. An impossibly bloody one.
  12. carrie
    See Stills From CarrieIt’s a bloody good time.
  13. the hunger games
    Meet the Lost Hunger Games TributesWow, Elizabeth Banks double-fists!
  14. casting couch
    Kick-Ass 2 Close to Reuniting the Whole GangAaron Johnson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and Chloë Moretz reportedly nearing deals.
  15. kick-ass 2
    Kick-Ass 2 to Feature More Chloë MoretzAs long as she signs on, that is.
  16. not kick-ass
    Movie Review: Hick Is Instantly ForgettableFor a movie that deals with rape and criminality, Hick is whisper-thin and instantly forgettable.
  17. casting couch
    Chloe Moretz Circling Zombie Drama MaggieMore undead projects for Chloe.
  18. movies
    Kick-Ass 2 Is Actually HappeningWill all the cast members return?
  19. movies
    Carrie Remake Will Include ‘Found Footage’And Brian De Palma is advising new director Kimberly Peirce.
  20. trailer mix
    Hick Trailer with Chloë Moretz and Blake LivelyAnd it’s a little bit icky.
  21. hick
    See Blake Lively and Chloë Grace Moretz in the Poster for HickSerena van der Woodsen kicks ass now.
  22. casting
    Chloe Moretz Offered Carrie, Excited to Work With Kimberly Peirce“I think she’s a phenomenal director.”
  23. casting
    We Hear the Top Candidates for the Carrie Remake Are …Hope they don’t mind the sight of blood!
  24. movies
    Chloë Moretz, Rupert Grint to Star in Beach Boys BiopicThey get around.
  25. Drake’s Music Induces Ex-Girlfriend RelapsesPlus: Chloë Moretz impersonated Drew Barrymore, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  26. chat room
    The Delightfully Precocious Chloë Moretz on Hugo, Her British Accent, and ‘Marty’ Scorsese“He was like, ‘Call me Marty, kid!’ So after that, I was like, ‘Hey, Marty. Hi, Marty. Hey, Marty!’”
  27. trailer mix
    Texas Killing Fields Trailer: Sam Worthington Gets Down to EarthChloe Moretz is in there, too.
  28. clickables
    See the Grease-ish Teaser for Best Coast’s Drew Barrymore–Directed VideoPlus: Chloe Moretz, Donald Glover, Alia Shawkat, and Tyler Posey (a.k.a. new Teen Wolf).
  29. the industry
    Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows Nabs Chloe MoretzShe’ll be joining a packed cast.
  30. casting
    Chloe Moretz Filming 30 Rock Today“Excitementtt,” she tweeted.
  31. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Idina Menzel To ABCA singing, single mom.
  32. casting
    Chloe Moretz to Play Famous StickerShe’ll star in a bigscreen version of ‘Emily the Strange.’
  33. premature
    Casting The Hunger GamesThe YA books are being made into movies: Who gets the lead role?
  34. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Vaughn, J.J. AbramsPlus: LCD Soundsystem and Hot Chip to tour together.
  35. comic-con 2010
    Comic-Con: Let Me In Actress Chloe Moretz Still Hasn’t Seen Let the Right One InPlus, a scene from the movie!
  36. tv
    See Little Sally Draper and Kick-Ass’s Hit Girl in a High-Fashion Photo SpreadKiernan Shipka and Chloe Grace Moretz look very grown-up and lovely in Burberry and Chanel.
  37. quote machine
    Heidi Montag Is Going to Be a Very Successful ScreenwriterPlus: Pierce Brosnan wasn’t a very good James Bond, says Pierce Brosnan.
  38. breaking
    Vulture Exclusive: Details on Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Chloe Moretz’s Next Movie Together“It’s about the first time a 12-year-old girl gets her period and she’s with three gross guys.”
  39. music
    See the Kick-Ass Kids Star in Soft Pack’s New Music VideoChloe Moretz continues her reign of youthful terror.
  40. quote machine
    Nicolas Cage’s Bad Lieutenant Performance All Miles Davis’s FaultPlus: Don’t ask Ricky Gervais about salads.
  41. the industry
    Paula Returns!Plus: Channing Tatum to play Captain America too.
  42. tweens
    We Keep Getting Older, But Assassins Stay the Same AgeWhat about Red Mist?