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    The Woman Who Bailed Out R. Kelly Wants Her Money Back, But the Judge Said NopeBut not for the reasons you might think!
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    Casey Affleck’s New Movie, Light Of My Life, Set in ‘A Society Without Women’“I hope people keep their minds open and be responsible and measured in their reactions.”
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    Publishers Weekly Picks Trump Publishers as Persons of the YearInstead of picking the man himself, they opted to celebrate publishers cashing in on him.
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    Would You Rather Listen to the Chavril Duet or the Paris Hilton Single?Lil Wayne is on the Paris Hilton song.
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    Folk Singer Gives Anti-Gay Rant, Incites Walkout“She began talking about the evils that will result if California’s Proposition 8 is overturned.”
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    Dan Stevens’s Post-Downton Project? An E-BookCool.
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    Rihanna Took a Reporter Clubbing with You Know WhoNeat.
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    You Can Probably Guess Who Is Featured on Rihanna’s New AlbumYup, it’s him.
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    Which It’s Always Sunny Star Gained 50 Pounds for Fun?Way to go, Rob McElhenney?
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    Update: Jeremy Renner Passes on BattleshipBummer.